Weebly Booster Tip #4: Increase Conversion Rate with Vertical Split Layouts

June 21, 2017

All modern design changes to your website’s layout are based on one goal – higher conversion rate.

​​One of the most trending, refreshing, and modern design ideas that can instantly boost your conversion rate is vertical split screen layout.

Check out some of the inspiring examples of this design idea ​​

Why Vertical Split Sections?

Here is the science behind the reason why many website developers are opting for vertical split layouts for better conversion rate.

Enhanced Readability ​
Easier to read and pleasing outlook means lower bounce rate and higher SEO rankings. Vertical split layouts do exactly the same. The effect is pleasing and makes the content more readable.

​​Multiple split sections with contrasting colors and different text styles grab instant attention of the visitors and make them focus on one content block at a time.

When the one page splits into smaller sections, it becomes easier to read and boosts the reading speed.

​​With smaller vertical sections come smaller paragraphs, shorter sentences that are concentrated within a vertical block. This allows consumers to concentrate and increases the quality of perception.

​​Visitors treat each section as a separate entity on your web page, which allows you to convey a strong message. Use of intelligent CTAs in these vertical blocks can also help you increase conversion.

Learn more about CTA design ideas in our previous blog post.

Appealing to Our Eyes
If you have checked out the above examples, you can see how attractive this design is to eyes – if implemented with right color combination and styling.

​​Compared to one-column designs, multi-column designs have better visual appeal. It is also convenient for website designers as you can push more within a screen.

You can find websites that have columns for testimonials, introductory text, contact details, gallery, and even more information right there on your screen in different vertical sections without any need to scroll down.

Simply put, vertical split layouts open up a new possibility for designers to get creative with their content. With the better appeal, easy to read design, and more information for visitors on their screen, businesses can easily increase their conversion rates.


Let’s take a look at some terrific examples of websites using Split Sections that we put together below.

How to create Vertical Split Sections in Weebly?

Currently, there are two ways:

  • Customize the code of the theme you’re using.
  • Use X App to create vertical split sections. No coding required.

​​You can learn more about X App here: http://x-app.weebly.com ​​


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