Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions will govern all issues that may arise in relation to your access to www.baamboostudio.com (referred as Baamboo Studio), or purchase of its Weebly themes and use of related information, resources, or services being offered on this website (the Service). Please carefully review these terms and conditions before purchasing any template or related services to be used for Weebly websites. If you don’t agree with these terms and conditions, you may not use this website.

Service Description

The website www.baamboostudio.com is being owned and operated by Baamboo Studio (also referred as we, our, us). The website offers a ready to use template/theme for designing Weebly websites.


All users, including the guest visitors, shall consent to these terms and conditions for browsing or using the Services being offered on this website. Clicking I Agree or related syntaxes on this website or the interface of your device shall be deemed as your digital signature and consent to enter a binding agreement with Baamboo Studio, consisting of these terms and conditions. When you enter this agreement, it shall be deemed that you are legally mature in your jurisdiction and otherwise qualified to enter a binding agreement, and if you are not, using the Services under the guidance and supervisions of your legal guardians who have entered this agreement. Access to this website or use of the Services without entering this agreement shall be deemed as unauthorized access or use of the Services. Baamboo Studio shall be entitled to determine the process and procedures for using the Services being offered or made available on this website. This agreement shall be part of your entire agreement with Baamboo Studio, including but not limited to Privacy Policy, End-user licenses, process and procedures, and additional agreements that have been incorporated into this agreement by reference. Please acknowledge that the Services are subject to additional terms and conditions of Weebly.com or other third parties who contribute to this website Baamboo Studio reserves a right to monitor and record your activities on this website. If we believe or become aware that you are involved in unauthorized activities or using the Services in violation of this agreement, we may prevent any further use of the Services and disclose any information, personal identity, records, communications or content to the relevant authorities or third parties in our sole discretion. The Service will be available to the global users, but it shall be your responsibility to ensure that you can access this website or use the Services in your jurisdiction without violating any local, state, and federal, or embargos for being resident of any country or listed in any Governmental list of restricted countries/entities.


You may be required to create an account on this website for purchasing any Weebly theme or using the Services being offered on this website. All personal information (name, contact number, email address, credit card details, etc.) that you may submit for creating an account on this website will be handled according to our Privacy Policy, which shall be a part of this agreement. When you purchase any Weebly theme on this website, you shall be entitled to a one-year subscription from the date of your purchase during which complete technical support will be provided without any additional charges. However, customization of Weebly themes or any re-coding of templates to suit your needs or requirements will be subject to additional fees and charges. It will be your responsibility to keep your username and passwords secure. You shall be liable for all activities that may take place under your account.

Copyrights and Trademarks

The website, its content, and presentation, including the icons, logos, trademarks, service marks, page headers, texts, images, graphics, artworks, videos, templates, applications, descriptions, resources, services, service names, and contained intellectual property are the exclusive property of Baamboo Studio. Copyright © 2016 Baamboo Studio. All rights reserved. You are not allowed to exploit any feature, content or resources on the website or engage in activities that amount to an infringement of our proprietary rights. Once you purchase any Weebly theme and the final invoice is paid, Baamboo Studio will grant a one-time usage license on a single website or project, but nothing in this license shall give you any rights to systematically copy or extract the templates, databases, compilations, or other resources on this website to modify, reproduce, republish, redistribute, sell, lease, offer similar service, or exploit the content or resources in any form or manner without obtaining a prior consent from Baamboo Studio. If you need any purchased Weebly theme for another website or project, you have to purchase it again. You will have no rights to edit or remove the copyrights, trademarks, or relevant proprietary information from the purchased themes or downloaded content.

Use of the Service

Please acknowledge that our Weebly themes will change only the outlook of your website layout, other aspects of your website will remain the same. When switching from other themes to our Weebly themes, some content such as the header images, background images or any customization made to the theme codes will not transfer from theme to theme. We highly recommend that you should install our Weebly theme templates at the earliest to avoid such inconveniences. Please acknowledge that some incompatibility issues may arise when you use Weebly from other hosts or try to add third party widgets or apps to your purchased theme. If such issues arise, you will get full technical support up to one year from the date of your purchase. However, such issues may not be resolved due to completely incompatible coding or platforms. We highly recommend that you should use our free trial option before purchasing any Weebly theme. It shall be your responsibility to ensure that your preferred theme is compatible with your hosting platform and suits your requirements. Baamboo Studio reserves a right to modify its Weebly theme templates to take care of the coding errors and changes implemented by Weebly. You will be entitled to get free updates and technical support up to one year from your purchase date. After one year, you will have to purchase the latest version to get any further support or updated features. All technical support will be provided through a help-desk system where you can submit at any time. Please acknowledge that other support channels like phone, live chat, Facebook or Twitter will be available only when such support system is incorporated into the website. All Weebly themes will be pre-made and are sold as they are. You will be entitled to customize the purchased templates as you like, but if you need our services to make any complex customization, you have to pay for such coding or modifications. The free support shall be limited to small fixes. Complex customizations, major changes to the theme or major technical problems will require you to obtain paid support.

Pricing and Payment

All prices, website templates, widgets and apps, updates and technical support, and promotional offers shall be subject to change at any time without any prior notice. Once the seven days free trial is over, you shall uninstall the Weebly theme or make a one-time purchase to continue using it. Only the payment instruments listed on this website (Credit Cards and PayPal) shall be used for making a transaction on this website. Baamboo Studio reserves a right to add or remove any payment instrument from this website. Baamboo Studio will not be liable for any fees, charges, or penalties imposed by your credit card company, bank, PayPal, or other financial institutions for membership, insufficient funds, over the credit limits, or any violation of their terms and conditions. All your purchase or transactions shall final. No return or exchange shall be allowed for any Weebly theme template that you purchase on this website.

Prohibited Use

The website templates shall be used for lawful purposes only. All kinds of illegal or unauthorized activities on this website shall be strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to use the Services for any website or project that related to child pornography, unsolicited spamming, fraud and forgery, phishing and identity theft, hacking and cracking, virus propagation, denial of service attacks, illegal promotion of drugs, promotion of terrorist or radical ideology, other kinds of unlawful use or activity. You shall never abuse any feature, service, application, system tool, and content, or do anything to harm the safety and security of this website or compromise the connected networks. Indemnity You shall indemnify Baamboo Studio and hold its parent, partners, subsidiaries, affiliates, service providers, directors, executives and employees harmless from all damages, liabilities, claims, proceedings, suits, actions, cause of actions, costs or expenses, including the administrative or legal expenses in relation to:
  • Your use of any Weebly template or other services being offered on this website
  • Your violation of this agreement or non-compliance with the applicable laws.
  • Your infringement of third party rights, including their copyrights and intellectual property.
  • Any wrongful or negligent conduct, whether by you or any other person accessing the Service under your account.
This section shall survive any termination of this agreement. Baamboo Studio reserves a right to assume the exclusive defense of any subject matter under your indemnification and get a full reimbursement of expenses incurred in such defense or restoration of damages.

Warranty Disclaimer

Except a warranty of unlimited updates and technical support for purchased Weebly theme template for one year, Baamboo Studio disclaims all warranties and representations to the maximum extent permissible under the laws. The Services are being offered As-Is and As-Available. You shall use the Services at your own risk and discretion. Nothing on this website or communications with the support staff shall create any kinds of express or implied guarantee or undertaking regarding the accuracy, authenticity, compatibility, reliability, availability, merchantability, non-infringement, fitness for particular purpose, or suitability of the Weebly themes or any other aspect of the Service as per your preferences, requirements or satisfaction. We hereby disclaim all such warranties and representations. The employees and representatives of Baamboo Studio are not authorized to make any such claims. We do not make any claim that Weebly themes or other services will be free from errors, omissions, viruses, infringements, or interruptions, and all such occurrences will be corrected or restored immediately. Please acknowledge that the Services may be interrupted due to maintenance requirements, technical limitations, unforeseen circumstances, or modifications to the Service. We do not make any claim that our website templates have been endorsed by Weebly. The third parties shall remain independent entities, irrespective of their service integration on this website, and never assume any obligation, enter any agreement, or endorse any product or service on behalf of the other party. Noting on this website shall create or deemed as any kinds of partnership, joint venture, franchisee, agent-principal, or employee-employer relationship between Baamboo Studio and Weebly or other third parties.

Limitation of Liabilities

Baamboo Studio  shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, minor, major, exemplary or special damages, that may arise in relation to (1) your purchase of any Weebly theme or use of related services on this website, (2) escalated cost of purchasing any substitute Weebly theme template, (3) unsolicited behavior, activity, or statements of other users or third-party service providers on this website, (4) any kinds of unauthorized access or misuse of your personal information or identity on this website, (5) untransformed theme codes, errors and omissions, technical issues, or incompatibility with third party widgets or apps, (6) any other matter related to your use of this website, irrespective of the fact that such liabilities occur due to any misrepresentation, negligence of duty, tort, breach of contract or statutory duties by Baamboo Studio or otherwise, and the possibility of such damages was already conveyed to it. These limitations shall apply to the extent permitted in your jurisdiction, but in any case, our total liabilities shall never extend beyond the amount you paid for purchasing any Weebly theme template or using the Services that make us liable.

Changes in this Agreement

Baamboo Studio shall be entitled to modify or replace these terms and conditions in its sole discretion. If this agreement is substantially modified, we will publish an update notification on this Page. It shall be your responsibility to regularly visit this page and remain updated about our policy changes that may take place over time. Continued use of the Services after any modifications to these terms and conditions shall be deemed as your consent to accept and abide by the modified agreement.