35+ Best Weebly Website Examples to Inspire You in 2022

January 25, 2022

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What to Learn from These Weebly Website Examples?

35+ best Weebly websites

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Weebly offers a powerful website builder, but most of us can still feel struggle while building a Weebly website sometimes. It is even more painful when you do not have a clear vision of how your website should look or which content may interest your visitors.

That is when you should look for inspirational website designs. From time to time, I found beautiful websites created by Weebly that were really interesting. So, I collected 35+ good Weebly website examples to show you.

These Weebly websites are sorted into many business categories, start with the 35 best websites, so you could find the most relevant inspiration for your website and the possibility to learn from the best.

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What to Learn from These Weebly Website Examples?

Homepage layout design and content

The homepage is always the soul of a website. It should tell the audience who you are and what you may have to offer. The homepage design usually is the first impression which shows your visitors how professional you might be. You should find the websites within your business industry. See how their content is written and how the layout design has been implementing with it. You should write your homepage content in a text format before starting to design the homepage.

Inner pages layout design and content

You could learn how the other Weebly examples describe their products and services. If they use images, gallery or videos, do they have a testimonial page, a portfolio page. Do they collect leads by a contact form, or what do they write in their blogs? Learning about the inner page design could benefit your web design and web content.

Find out what technologies used with the Weebly examples

See which Weebly theme a website is using. What app might need for a design or layout? What chat box are they using, what payment gate do they use, or how do they integrate Google Analytics. You can use BuiltWith for general technology lookup. I will tell you which theme a Weebly site is using in each example. Do not hesitate to chat with us to ask how to recreate a specific design or feature you found.

35+ best Weebly websites

We sorted the 35+ best Weebly websites into the 17 most searched business categories below so you could find your relevant examples more quickly. If you can not find your exact business category, chat with us so we could send you more examples.

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Weebly eCommerce examples

Example 1: Dot’s Pantry

​​Dot’s Pantry is a Relish kitchen online store that has created a beautiful design for their Weebly online store website. The website uses the Vous Weebly theme, with clean layouts and full of delicious images. It is one of our favorite Weebly store examples and a good Weebly design idea for anyone who is starting a Weebly online store.

Weebly website example 1 - Dot's Pantry

Example 2: Ryan Jewellers

Ryan Jewellers is one of the top Jewelry vendors in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. The website owner came to the Baamboo Studio team to create a complete overhaul for their website to expand the online business. The owner took great care of his product images, which I believe are essential for a successful design. This website uses Bailey theme, Flexibox app, and X app.

Weebly website example 2 - Ryan Jewellers

Example 3: Steam And Sauna Expert

Steam & Sauna Expert is one of my best Weebly eCommerce website examples. They sells Steam and Sauna products and parts. Not only the product images are great taken care of, but landing page are very focus for a high conversion rate.

Steam & Sauna Weebly website

Example 4: Cori Jacobs

Cori Jacobs is a unique Weebly store example about craft and painting. We can see a part of Mexican culture just by having a look at the header. The website uses the Infiniti theme and integrates a lovely Instagram widget on its homepage.

Weebly website example 4 - Cori Jacobs

Example 5: Haruka Umeshu

Here is a Weebly eCommerce example about Japanese wine products. We can see the header sliders were well designed that tell visitors immediately what the website does.
Weebly website example 5 - Haruka Umeshu

Weebly Blog Examples

Example 6: Stay Blooming Network

This first blog website example is all about flowers, beautiful and elegant. The Serene theme helps the blog posts organized in clear categories. How awesome that Stay Blooming has managed to integrate lead magnets from their email marketing into their footer and blog pages.

Weebly website example 6 - Stay Blooming Flower

Example 7: Kimberly Devlin

It may not be a complete coincidence that the 2 Weebly blog examples are both using the Serene theme. The Serene template offers an elegant layout style for personal Weebly websites. It is very suitable for a writer like Kimberly or other Weebly bloggers.
Weebly website example 7 - Kimberly Devlin

Weebly Portfolio Examples

Example 8: Bitzysites

Bitzy Sites by Debi Bodett – a website designer is clear and straight forward just like its owner. The website uses the Infiniti theme, with the portfolio included right on the homepage. We can see her minimal style through the name, logo, color, images, and the one-page style homepage. It is nothing more I could ask.
Weebly website example 8 - Bitzy Sites

Example 9: Yonatanhart

Yonatan is a Copywriter, but it took me by surprise with his design style. The website has the advantage of clean and condensed copywriting. Therefore I believe it helps the overall design to look even more impressive. The portfolio page designed with the blog layout of the Leica theme also completes his style.

Weebly website example 9 - Yonatanhart

Example 10: Carajane

Carajane is a photography Weebly website that succeeds in creating the photo portfolio. If the website owner cares a little more about the layout and call to action, it could be one of the best Weebly portfolio websites. The website uses Linen the theme.

Weebly website example 10 - Carajane

Example 11: Collyers Construction

Collyers Construction is one of my favorite Weebly portfolio examples for a long time. The gallery has a clean design. I also like the video header on the homepage. The website example also used the Linen theme.
Weebly website example 11 - Collyers Construction

Example 12: Point Blank Design Studio

Point Blank is a full-service digital agency. You can learn how the website showcases their work, case study, and services. It is also a good Weebly example for services websites that uses the Serene theme.
Weebly website example 12 - Point Blank Design Studio

Weebly Landing Page Examples

Example 13: Be Martial Arts

Be Martial Arts is an awesome example for landing page. The homepage has the sign-up form right on the header that allows visitors to sign up for an ebook to start. The sections below demonstrate about the martial program, learner benefits, testimonials and contact information. Everything is clean and clear, both on mobile and desktop. 

Martial Arts Weebly Landing page Weebly Example

Example 14: Baker | Meech Lawyers

Among the lawyer company Weebly websites, Baker Meech Lawers is an excellent homepage example with clear information and simple color branding. The Stella theme also allows the website to put the phone number and contact button on the header for visitors easy to find.

Weebly website example 14 - Baker & Meech Lawyers

Example 15: YST Tuning

YST Tuning launched with a very simple one-page, the web owner shows off his car service by video, images, portfolio, intro, partners… section by section. This stunning Weebly one-page website is made only by the 1 pager app.

Weebly website example 15 - YST Tuning  Car Services

Example 16: Enter Logix

Minimal elements, flat design illustrations with black and orange color make the business look professional and trustworthy. Thanks to the copy, you know what Enter Logix does for its customers: “Build customized Salesforce solutions”. After the instruction, you have a contact form at the end of the one-page in case you want to proceed.
Weebly website example 16 - Enterlogix

Weebly Business Websites Examples

Example 17: Curb Compost

Nick at Curb Compost asked the Baamboo Studio team to create a complete overhaul of the website design that reflects his approach to recycle food scrap and deliver compost in Connecticut and New York. The website is a great website example for small businesses.

The design is colorful but not too overwhelming, while the elements do not feel cluttered, and you immediately know what Nick offers. The pricing table allows customers to get started on his services in only a few clicks. Thanks to the content team for rewriting the homepage content forehand that made the homepage design goal possible. The site uses the Finder theme.

Weebly website example 17 - Curbside Compost

Example 18: Used License

You could see that I have mentioned minimalism one or two times already. Well, I love minimalism, especially when it comes to website design. Lots of text, as the designer told me that the first sign, but the design expert has managed to put it simple and elegant. For some of you who might want to create a multilingual languages Weebly site, this app makes it possible. And Serene theme again it is.

Weebly website example 18 - Used License

Example 19: PCom Property

PCom Property does construction and listing houses for rent in the UK. The site is an incredible example of a business website with a portfolio. The website uses the Infiniti theme for layout and the Slideset app to create the listing.
Pcom Property

Example 20: My Personal Trainer Website

Straight-forward Title: Website Design For Personal Trainers, right on the header, with an image of a training website on the right side, that is why I love it, simple but also very professional with background design, typo, color, and button. The Infiniti theme menu design and button style makes it perfect for a website business example.
Weebly website example 20 - My Persional Trainer

Weebly Restaurant Websites Examples

Example 21: San Carlo Bahrain

San Carlo Bahrain proves this simple design idea: good images make a good-looking website. Well, photos are not everything, but they are one of the most important. If you could not afford to arrange a professional photo shoot for your business, you can find good quality images in free sources like Unsplash. Also, a good Weebly theme makes a good-looking Weebly website as well, San Carlo Bahrain restaurant website uses the Monarch theme.

Weebly website example 21 - San Carlo Restaurant

Example 22: Monarch Demo Template

It is quite simple to create a restaurant website on Weebly. All you need is some introduction text (but do not forget to show passion), a good Weebly theme, and some high-quality images about your restaurant and dishes. Remember that you should not put your menu in a pdf file and put it into your site because it does not work that way. Imagine how disappointed your customer could be when he/she has to zoom in on the tiny menu image to search for food.
Weebly website example 22 - Monarch Restaurant

Weebly Examples about Pets

Example 23: Ancillary K9

Ancillary K9 is a dog training service in Denver. The thing that makes this Weebly pet website example special is the design is all about puppies. You could see the lovely dog video and images on each section, on the footer as well, though it does not feel overwhelming. The bullets are also dog footprints. Baamboo Studio’s design team has created this site by the Stella theme, Testimonial slider app, Flexibox app, and X app.

Weebly website example 23 - Anchillary K9 Pet Service

Example 24: Pet Amorphosis

Pet Amorphosis is also a dog training service. The website is using the Infiniti theme with a one-page layout for the homepage. Great structure and clean content are what is good about this website design.
Weebly website example 24 - Pet Morphosis

Weebly Examples about Travel and Hotel

Example 25: Taste & Travel Italy

This elegant website is about a tour guide business, belong to Elena, a local Italian. As you can see, the website design used the Monarch theme and also the Monarch demo design with a few changes in text and images. I think that is great enough for a fast website and a small business needs.

Weebly website example 25 - Taste & Travel Italy

Example 26: Tour With Xuan

Here is another beautiful Weebly example in our travel websites list. The header image “knock-out” foreigner tourists right at the first sign. I mean, can you resist the local foods, the unique cultural transportation on the river and the magnificent nature view, at the same time?! I can not. I would like to have a tour with Xuan around Vietnam right after the Covid-19 ends. Baamboo Studio team is also a bunch of gals located in Vietnam. It was funny that Xuan did not know it while he asked us to design his website. In Vietnam, we make great foods and websites. Btw, the website uses the Bailey theme.
Weebly website example 26 - Tour With Xuan

Example 27: Guide.fi

Let’s go on a fast trip to Helsinki, Finland. God, how I love the Scandinavian (summer) weather and nature. Guide.fi is a gorgeous example of tour & travel websites. Remember to take advantage of the beautiful sign seeing images you could have found (free) for your website.
Weebly website example 27 - Guide.fi

Example 28: Arrow Head Family Resort

Arrow Head Family Resort is one of a few successful hotel Weebly websites. The website design is just lovely. A happy kid smiling on the cozy white blanket for the header image? Wonderful! Delicate and detailed images which put into attractive galleries for different kinds of suites. I would love to spend a vacation there with my family. The Weebly theme is the Finder template. However, you should know that Weebly does not offer a booking feature for the hotel website, so if you are going to build your hotel website on Weebly, you might need to have the booking somewhere else and then link it to your website as Arrow Head did.
Weebly website example 28 - Arrow Head Hotel

Training & Consultation Weebly example sites

Example 29: Smart Fox

Louise Bunyan advertised herself as Ireland’s no. 1 LinkedIn training expert for sales and jobseekers. And it is worth trying with a professional website design like this. The Infiniti theme is proven to be helpful with consulting and training businesses or other Weebly business websites.

Weebly website example 29 - Smart Fox Consultant

Example 30: MentorV

Mentor V is about copywriting. We can recognize that just by the black and white color. The black and white color is not boring at all with section dividers, parallax background effect, and vertical split layouts made by the X app. The one-page of the Infiniti theme makes it simple enough for a brilliant copywriting training course.

Weebly website example 30 - Mentor V

Example 31: EI executive

Sheila coaches people to communicate better as a teammate or a leader. The website design is clean and clear, minimalist and sophisticated, which fits the target audience, and the creative copywriting captures the attention of visitors.
Weebly website example 31 - EI Executive

Weebly Websites about Health and Fitness

Example 32: Hanny Allston

Hanny Allston – Peak performance coach world champion athlete award. The website might need a bit of uplifting in font and colors, but the design so far has succeeded in illustrating Hanny’s story, books, and podcasts. I think those are all her fans would ever want.

Weebly website example 32 - Hanny Allston

Example 33: Shoshana Sadow

Acupuncture is what the website about, for if you don’t know is a very special health treatment technic that came from China that can stop the pain and fasten the healing process, using needles. I like the header image, feel releasing and refresh. The top header bar with address, phone number, and call button surely convert.
Weebly website example 33 - Shoshana Sadow

Weebly Websites about Wedding and Events

Example 34: The Aerie at Eagle Landing

It is some of the best Weebly examples about weddings and events that I have been looking for. Start with a gorgeous video about happy couples in lovely weddings, then comes with beautiful images about the brides, the cute chidden, emotional notes, and the stunning aisle, what is not to love?!

Weebly website example 34 - Aerie  Wedding Agency

Example 35: New England Flowers

New England Flowers delivers flowers for weddings and events. The website is using the Bailey theme. With just a little bit uplifting further on fonts, color and layouts, I believe that the website will reach its elegant style. For now, the text content, image gallery, and contact form are what you could learn from a real running flower business.
Weebly website example 35 - New England Flowers

Digital Marketing Agency Weebly Website Examples

Example 36: Total Solution

Total Solutions provides A – Z services for business such as IT, accounting, marketing and HR. The website content and design is simple, but clear and focus. It is very good example of a standard business website and also an agency website.

Weebly Agency Website Example 1

Example 37: Conversion Marketing

Conversion Marketing is another great example of a Digital Marketing Agency website that created in Weebly. The website content and design is slick and there is a clear CTA on each page that help visitors easily focus on what to do next. The website can be created with the Infiniti Weebly theme. 

Weebly Example Of Digital Marketing Agency

Example 38: Zinc Communication

Zinc Communication actually created by the Baamboo Studio design team. The business provides copywriting services, thus the design is all about writing and typewriter. It a great Weebly example of simplification Weebly services website. Don’t you know that the Stella Weebly theme is the best Weebly theme for services website, as it has a very clear navigation with all contact information and CTA button that needed. Check out Zinc Communication below.

Copywriting Service Weebly Example

Finance & Investment Weebly Websites

Example 39: FirstMile Ventures

FirstMile Ventures was created by Baamboo Studio design team a few years ago. It’s still a great example of Finance Consultation service. The website was created by the Serene theme, minimalism style and straight forward to introduce the venture capital, approach, team and how to get in touch.

Finance Service - Venture Capital Weebly Site Example

Example 40: Capacity Assessment Services

Ike Linden Burger from Canada provides the Capacity Assessment Services, which to make sure if the clients is capable of making decision regarding  finance or personal care. The website was also created by the Serene theme and Baamboo Designer team. 

Finance Consultation Service Weebly website

Personal Trainer Weebly Sites

Example 41: Form Fitness Services

Form Fitness provides a professional personal training service. The website is not only demonstrate about its services but also showing a lot of customers’ testimonials and results. The site was created by the Infiniti theme and Baamboo Designer team.

Personal Training Service Weebly Website Example

Example 42: My Channel Fitness

My Channel Fitness is also a great example of Personal Trainer Weebly website. The color and typography design make a premium impression, and side-by-side image / content let visitors easy to follow the website’s offers. 

Personal Training and Coaching Weebly Website Example

Non-profit Weebly website example

Example 42: Viewmont Foundation

Viewmont Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to elevating the quality of living and care for seniors. The website design is the balance of images and text. The site uses the Serene Weebly template and some Weebly apps like Flexibox or X app.

Weebly website example 13 - Viewmont Foundation

Artist Weebly website example

Example 43: Burgandy Viscosi

Burgandy is an amazing artist who draw beautiful paint arts. She asked Baamboo Studio team to create a Weebly website that show off her gallery and also be an online store to sell her arts. The website was created by the Vous template and some Weebly apps like Flexibox or X app.

Artist Weebly website example

Church Weebly website example

Example 44: Institute for Jewish Ethics

I’m aware that there are many church websites that created via Weebly. This website created by the Infinti theme, Flexibox app, Animated Background app and Testimonial Slider app. We will update more examples for you soon.

Church Weebly Website Example

Weebly Design Ideas

Now that you have seen some beautiful Weebly websites. Keep these essential ideas in mind while designing your own.

  • Make your offers clear from the beginning with bold call-to-action, like the My Personal Trainer Website example.
  • Mobile responsive is the “must-have” thing for every website. You can use premium Weebly themes to make sure your website UX is always working on mobile.
  • Create a website that tells a story about your brand with photos, text, or video.
  • If you can not create a fancy visual design, consider using a slideshow that presents your photos.
  • Make sure your call-to-actions are easy to see and encourage visitors to continue exploring your site
  • Keep your navigation clean and short. Too much text does not help your navigation.
  • Add your social media icons on your top header bar or footer, so visitors can follow, read and verify you in various channels.
  • Keep all of your web pages consistent in design — including font, colors, layouts, images, and messaging.
  • Use good quality images for your website. But remember to optimized images before uploading.
  • Add Google Analytics code to your website. You will see the time on page or bounce rate of each page. A great way to increase time-on-page is to add more images or videos. And set your page title, description in the page SEO can reduce the bounce rate.
  • Include a live chat or chatbot to create a better communication experience for the customer.
  • Turn on the SSL certificate on the site’s setting in one click to ensure your website is secure. SSL is part of Google’s search ranking algorithm, so an SSL certificate can help you rank higher in search.
  • Have a look at this Weebly Tutorial – All you need to know to build a Weebly website. We will walk you through step by step: From how to create a Weebly website, how to design in Weebly builder, publish your website, and all other notes about Weebly.

Weebly Website Setup Service

If you like a Weebly example but are not sure how to get started. Our designer can help you recreate a 05-pages Weebly website example for you at only $279. All you need to do is replace the text and images and turn it into your own beautiful and professional website. You can order the Weebly Website Setup Service here.

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