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These are all Weebly Apps that you’ll ever need to take your website to the next level of amazing! 

Price Per App:

X Slider $20.00
Boo Slider $10.00
X App $25.00
Flexibox $15.00
The Tabs $15.00
Slideset $15.00
Testimonial Slider $5.00
Testimonials $3.00
1 Pager $20.00
Button X $7.00
Call To Action $5.00
X Divider $15.00
X Image $10.00
Animated Headline $10.00
Animate Background $5.00
Future Apps At least $60.00
Total $240.00++

Ultimate Pass For Weebly

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Get All Must-Have Weebly Apps To Skyrocket Your Online Business

As you know, Weebly offers one of the easiest platforms to build online websites. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of “missing pieces” within Weebly Themes and Weebly editor that is needed to make website building and customization not only much easier but much more complete as well.

Ultimate Pass has been created to fill out those missing pieces for you, plus give you even more creative control over all of your websites. With the Ultimate Pass yearly subscription, you’ll get full access to all of our current Weebly plugins and widgets, as well as all future ones for one low yearly fee.

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Here’s The 15 Popular Weebly Apps You’ll Get Instant Access To…

With Ultimate Pass, you’ll get complete access and usage to all current 15 amazing Weebly plugins listed below, PLUS all the feature-rich apps we create in the future. You’ll get them all!

Weebly Apps
To Create Sliders

X Slider

X Slider Weebly App

#1 Weebly Slider App

Create all types of eye-catching sliders with ease: Header Sliders; Full-Width Sliders; Fullscreen Sliders; Custom Sliders

Boo Slider

Boo Slider Weebly App

The most popular slider for Weebly

Boo Slider comes bundled with a bunch of super-awesome features designed to save you development time and give you the flexibility to use it in a variety of ways.


Slideset Weebly App

Creates beautiful slides with multiple images

Slideset app gives you the Ultimate Power to create slide of multiple images to show off your products, portfolios, and collections.

Weebly Plugin
Layout Builder


X Weebly App

#1 Weebly Page Layouts Builder

X App is a must have Weebly plugin for any serious business Weebly website. It makes your Weebly websites well-organized and eye-catching way through a robust layout, fast and easy. No coding skills required!

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Weebly widgets
Organize Content


Flexibox Weebly App

Perfect way to grab the viewer attention

Flexibox gives you various ways to showcase your website’s content, features, services & products. It also lets you add hover effects to your Weebly site easily and visually.

The Tabs

The Tab Weebly App

Premium Tabs for Weebly

The Tabs is a super powerful, yet amazingly easy-to-use Weebly widget that creates beautifully branded and highly-customized tabs in a flash…right out of the box!

X Divider

X Divider Weebly App

X Divider app helps you to create beautiful spaces to seperate between sections. Your website will look far more professional with these amazing spaces.

Weebly Apps
Boost Credibility

Testimonial Slider

Testimonial Slider Weebly app

WOW visitors with Stunning Testimonials

Testimonial Slider lets business owners add STUNNING Testimonials Slider and Review for marketing purposes!


Testimonials Weebly app

Boost your Credibility

TESTIMONIALS lets business owners add STUNNING TESTIMONIALS AND REVIEWS for marketing purposes!

Weebly App
To Create One-page 

1 Pager

One Pager Weebly App

Making One Page Weebly Site

Creating a custom Weebly One-page website has never been easier with this 1 Pager Weebly app.

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Weebly Add Ons
To Customize Buttons

Button X

Button X Weebly App

A Powerful Button Builder For Weebly

Build Any Kind Of Buttons Imaginable Right From Your Weebly Dashboard With Buttons X!

Call To Action

Call To Action Weebly App

Improve your site Conversions!

Get Stunning Call-To-Action Buttons that will make your visitors click!

Weebly Intergrations
Cool Features

X Image

X Image helps you to add images with beautiful title and caption, professional hover effects, without ever touching a code.

Animated Headline

Animated Headline Weebly App

Animated Headline plugin gives you the power to create attention-grabbing to your killer headline.

Animate Background

Animate Background Weebly App

Animate Background widget helps you add beautiful animated effects to header backgrounds or backgrounds of any sections on your Weebly website.

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Ultimate Pass For Weebly

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“There are NO sneaky hidden fees, NO annoying ‘locked in’ payment plans, and you can cancel ANYTIME you wish!”

We fully guarantee that all of our apps will work seamlessly with your own website, and we’ll also keep all of our apps fully updated, easy to use, and continue to keep them packed with awesome features!

As long as you remain an Ultimate Pass subscriber, you’ll get exclusive access to all current apps, all future apps, all updates, all documentation, and also on-site assistance to help you resolve any issues you may have!

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7-Day Free Trial

Mark Fuqua - Mar 17, 2020

Very responsive. Only downside is that our apps were randomly disconnected at one point in time and it took a little while to get them reconnected. Aside from that, no complaints at all. Duc and Quang are very quick to fix issues & the apps themselves are AWESOME. I’ve been building Weebly sites for 5+ years now & these apps make it so much easier/faster to get a good layout to build on. I love Baamboo Studio’s ultimate pass & I bet you will too!

Jon Winer - Aug 10, 2019

Great product support and great customer service.
Had a problem getting things set up at first and Duc took care of it for me.
Thanks guys!

Leah Blagden - May 04, 2019

Fantastic. Everything works as it should as long as you’ve read the documentation. I can customize absolutely everything and can have different display options for mobile vs desktop. I would definitely buy again.

Adrian Davidson - Apr 29, 2019

Using the Ultimate Pass suite of apps plus a Baamboo template. They are well designed and easy to use with a contempory feel – something the basic Weebly apps and templates lack. Together they have have transformed my site. It’s very easy to carry on tweeking and adjusting the site. Good support tutorials as well – well worth the purchase.

Shannon Baldassini - Apr 28, 2019

Great slider, the resolution, the ease of use and the customer service, puts X-Slider on the box of Wheaties. I am nowhere near being a computer person, in no time at all, x-slider is up, working and very nice.

Judith Stanton - Apr 22, 2019

These apps are easy to use and greatly enhance the look of your website. I encourage using the Ultimate Pass app package!

Greg Locnikar - Apr 22, 2019

We’ve only tapped into a few of the elements out of Ultimate Pass Plus package and love it! The design potential is endless, and the animation and interaction adds so much to the look and feel of our site. The team at Baamboo are very helpful and quick to deal with. I highly recommend the Ultimate Pass Plus package!

Pastor Steve - Apr 16, 2019

The customer service is great and the ability to do so much more with Weebly has been beneficial for getting this APP.

Susan Jones - Mar 21, 2019

Baamboo Studios apps offer next-level layout elements that elevate my clients’ websites. Baamboo’s support documents are extremely helpful while learning feature variations and settings. A little patience is required as Weebly’s editor slows down a bit when interacting with the apps. Overall I’m very please with the creative options. I recommend these apps for graphic designers and developers or very experienced DIYers. Customer support response time is exceptional too!

YMCA of Greater Cleveland - Jan 25, 2019

Upon discovering a problem with their applications X and The Tabs interacting with our website, we reached out to Baamboo Studio for a solution. Baamboo Studio was willing to work with us rectify a problem with our website to help their app’s work. Great support team.

Matthew Stahl - Dec 24, 2018

By FAR the best set of apps I’ve integrated into my web site. Fills ALL the gaps that Weebly itself doesn’t and at a very reasonable subscription cost. Company web site documentation and after sales support match the quality of this company’s products. Don’t hesitate to purchase one second.

Christine Kuntz - Nov 26, 2018

Great set of tools. I was not enthralled with Weebly’s available tools and was looking for more. So far, I have worked with the X tools, the Call to Action Button, and the X Divider. They are easy to use and the customization is wonderful. The only downside, and I think this is a problem on Weebly’s side, is sometimes the changes are not apparent on my site until I publish it. Overall, I recommend the product.

John Zientowski - Oct 11, 2018

This package is great as it allows me to experiment with new techniques and layouts. I can create an experimental website that is internally hosted to weebly and not to my domain. I can’t think of a better way to develop new and appealing web pages. The documentation is very good as is the technical support. If you want to soar as a web designer this package, in my opinion, is a must!

Dave Vizzaccaro - Sep 09, 2018

Amazing tools! worth every penny, i highly recommend


Why should I get a membership?

As an ongoing member you’ll get all of our new releases, updates to every app we release and unlimited expert Weebly support for any issue.

Where can I find articles about your Weebly apps?

We’ve already prepared the most useful & compact blogs about our Weebly Apps here for you to get inspired.

– Slider Apps Inspiration: Comprehensive Tutorial To Create Weebly Header Slider or Best Testimonial Practices for Weebly Website
– Customize your buttons with CTA Apps: Creating Call To Action Buttons That Actually Will Get Real Results or CTA design tips or best CTA examples
– Boost Your Business Credibility with Testimonial Apps: 9 Beautiful Testimonial Sections Examples
– Creating refresh layouts with X app: Increase Conversion Rate with Vertical Split Layouts

Can I see real examples of what those apps could do?

Sure, here is our Weebly Apps showcases collection. These are examples of real websites which used our amazing apps to illustrate their products and service.

Where can I find instruction documentations for my Weebly apps?

Please go here to get all the documentations, in order to take the most advantage of the apps and create you the most beautiful and high function Weebly website ever.

What happens if I cancel?

Ultimate Pass is a subscription service and will continue until you cancel. It auto-renews at the end of each term and you will be charged for the subsequent term.

However you can cancel your membership at any time.

All sections, elements you created using our apps will be still on your site and functional but you can no longer edit those elements.

How can I cancel?

If you use PayPal to purchase your membership

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click ‘Profile’ near the top of the page.
  3. Select ‘My money’.
  4. In the ‘My preapproved payments’ section, click ‘Update’.
  5. Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel and click ‘Cancel.’
  6. Click ‘Cancel Profile’ to confirm your request.

If you use Credit Card to purchase your membership

Please email with “Cancel My Account” in the subject line.

Please include the following details in the email: The email you used when you purchased, and the URL of the site you installed Ultimate Pass.

We’ll cancel your account within 24 hours after we receive all of your details.

Do you offer refund?

We offer 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for Yearly plan.

If you purchase the Yearly plan for our Weebly Apps and for any reason you decide you want to cancel your account within 30 days of your payment, we’ll issue a full refund. To do so, just email the Baamboo Studio Support Team at