Pre-Sale FAQs

We’ve answered the most frequent questions we received regarding our Weebly templates and apps for you in this FAQs section.
​​If you have another question for us, don’t hesitate to email us here.

How Baamboo Studio’s Templates and Apps Work on Weebly

How do your Weebly templates work?

Our Weebly templates (themes) are designed and developed specifically for Weebly websites. With easy-to-follow instructions, you can install and use our Weebly themes on your existing Weebly website.
​​Once you have the theme installed, you can use the theme options to customize the design style and color for your desktop menu, mobile menu, button, and so on. You will also get access to the attractive and professional layouts and element designs to use for your web pages, such as header layout, no header layout, header slider layout, one-page layout, splash layout, and more.

How do your Weebly apps work?

We offer 15 Weebly apps that are explicitly developed for Weebly websites. These powerful must-have Weebly apps are used for Weebly’s professional design, such as creating a custom layout, slider content, boxes content, tab content, one-page, and much more. While most of the beautiful Weebly website designs need more or less help from Weebly apps, we are proud that our apps can help Weebly users create the most required format for a professional website.

Is there any coding involved?

You will never be required to use any code to build your Weebly website. All of our templates and apps offer DIY-friendly settings, and you won’t need to code anything!

Will all my content remain when I switch to Baamboo's Templates?

Yes and no. Our theme works for most Weebly websites since all the content you created using the drag & drop elements, and Weebly builder will remain the same. However, any customization made to the old theme codes will not be transferred from theme to theme.

If your Weebly website is old (created 4 – 5 years ago), you can export the old theme file before installing our theme so that you can switch the theme back anytime. Or you could also create a copy site on your account and test the duplicated site first. Contact our support if you are much concern about this matter.

Are your Weebly templates and apps compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, we understand that there is no life for business websites without mobile compatibility. That is why all of our Weebly themes and apps are auto responsive that look perfect on mobile devices. If you need any technical support with your mobile responsive, contact our support, we will help you out, free of charge.

Will all the standard Weebly drag-and-drop design elements and web builder still be the same after installing your template or app?

Absolutely! Our themes and apps play the role of extensions for your Weebly web builder. Your builder will be more handy and easy to use without affecting any current Weebly elements or features.

How many Weebly apps can I insert into a Baamboo template? For example, can I have two apps installed in a Baamboo template?

You can add as many Weebly apps to your Weebly website as you wish while using our custom Weebly template. Our Weebly themes are compatible with most of the Weebly apps that available on the Weebly App Center.

Purchasing and Delivery

Does the Standard Package template include any Weebly app in them?

From 1/11/2021, the Standard Package template ($47) includes an X app or any app of your choice within our 15 must-have Weebly apps.

How will Baamboo's Templates and apps be delivered to me?

You will receive an email with the attached theme file and instructions to install the theme for your site after purchasing. You will need to invite us as your website admin (with the email [email protected]), so we can manually install one of our Weebly apps for you.

I don't have a PayPal account. Can I use credit cards?

Yes, when you are in the shopping cart, you can choose any of the options to pay with

  • Your PayPal account
  • ​​Your credit card

​​We accept payments through both payment methods.

Is shopping online through your website safe?

Yes, we use PayPal to transact, so your private information is secure. PayPal accepts payment using either your own PayPal account or All Major Credit Cards.


How Do I Install Baamboo Templates?

Installing Weebly themes from Baamboo Studio is very simple. Every Weebly theme comes with a complete installation guide and additional documentation. The instructions are easy to follow and will take just a few minutes to install a Weebly theme.

How Do I Install Baamboo's Weebly apps?

You can purchase our apps and get them installed automatically via the Weebly App Center after purchase, or purchase via our website and have us install the apps manually for you by inviting us as your website administrator with the email: [email protected]

When I tried to upload your template into Weebly using Weebly's Import Theme function, I received this error message: "Error: Zip archive needs at least 1 HTML file."

When you get this message, it means that you upload the wrong file. When you receive the package file via email, such as, you will need to unzip this file, then get the theme file as within the package folder and upload it to your custom theme list.

What if I'm using Weebly through another host (e.g., iPage, Fatcow, Bluehost, Hostgator, SiteGround, JustHost,, etc.)? Can I use your templates and apps?

You can use our Weebly templates with any Weebly website providers. But some hosts would not allow you to add Weebly apps or limit this feature, so you would need to upgrade your subscription to use Weebly apps for your site. To know if your website can use the Weebly app, see if there is an Apps tab on the menu bar in your website editor. If yes, you can use Weebly apps, and we can also install our apps for your site.

After Installation

Why do I have to build the template demo myself?

Weebly doesn’t allow you to install a template with ready-to-use content, so your template will need to be built from scratch.
​​Also, we believe that building the template yourself is the best way to learn how to use your website to make changes to it and edit it later on.
​​You can also check out our services if you don’t want to set it up yourself!

How Do I Customize My Baamboo Weebly Templates?

Customizing Baamboo Weebly Themes is straightforward. All themes are customizable. Following the theme documentation, you can customize your menu with the theme options and set your page layout in the Theme/ Header Type.
​​See more about designing your Weebly website here; you will know how to use the Weebly design elements or our apps to create any design according to your liking.

How Do I Use My Baamboo Weebly Apps?

Using our Weebly apps is super easy. Each app is used for a particular purpose. You can drag and drop an app to your Weebly site, just like the Weebly design elements. You can add text, images on the app or within the app settings. Detailed instruction is available for each app here.

What If I Want To Add Other Weebly apps To Your Templates?

You can add any additional Weebly app to your Weebly site after installing our template. Click on the Apps tab on your editor menu to go to the Weebly App Center, find your app, and follow the adding process.

Can I customize the code of your templates?

Yes, you can if you are good enough with coding. But don’t do it if you are not an expert programmer. We suggest hiring an experienced Weebly developer if you are looking for complex customization and significant changes to the theme.
​​In case of problems during the template customization, Baamboo Studio provides help to fix minor issues for FREE. But if you have created major technical issues that will consume time to restore the template, the service fee will be charged.

Could I hire someone to build out the template for me?

All of our templates are made with DIY in mind; they’re easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
​​But if you get stuck, you can hire us to build the complete Weebly website for you.

Updates & Technical Support

How Do You Provide Support?

The best way to get help is to submit a ticket so we can keep track of the progress on each ticket more efficiently. Also, it can keep your info private and safe.
​​Product support via phone, live chat, Facebook, or Twitter is unavailable at this time. However, we can still answer your questions through our Messenger live chatbox.

What is your products update & support policy?

The Baamboo Studio offers one year of FREE, unlimited updates and technical support for each Weebly template and app.

What if you update your products? Do I get these updates too?

Yes, all Weebly apps updates will be automatically applied on your website through the Weebly App Center. We will send you the template file for Weebly theme updates.

Can you help me make customize changes to Baamboo's templates and apps?

Our Baamboo Studio’s Templates and apps are pre-made and are sold as they are.
​​We are more than happy to help you make changes to our Weebly themes, but a service fee would be required.

I added non-Baamboo's widget(s)/app(s) into Baamboo's Templates, and something broke. Can you fix it?

Yes, we could help you fix the error from a non-Baamboo product, but a service fee would be required.

What if I make some custom changes to Baamboo products, and as a result, the products are not functioning correctly? Will Baamboo fix them?

In case of problems during the template or app customization, Baamboo Studio provides help to fix minor issues for free. But if you used coding and have created major technical issues that will consume time to restore the template, we will charge a service fee.

Licensing and Return Policies

Are your products 1-time purchases?

Yes, all of our products are 1-time purchases, except for the Ultimate Pass (Plus) package. This means you only have to pay once, and you can use the product forever.

If I purchased a Baamboo product once, can I use it for two or more websites?

No, you can use our products on one single website for one license.
​​If you plan to use a Baamboo Studio product again on another website or project, you must purchase the product again.
​​We can not help you to move a product from one website to another website.

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of our products, they are non-refundable, so please make sure you have read all of the product details before you purchase. Please get in touch with us if you have questions before purchase.

If I purchased the wrong product, can I exchange it?

As our products are digital, we will not facilitate any exchanges for a Weebly app, according to the Weebly App Center policy. But we can exchange a template for you one time with one purchase.