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We’ve answered the most popular questions we receive regarding our themes for you in this FAQs section.

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General Questions

What Is A Weebly Theme?

Weebly theme is a template (a ready-to-use design and layout) that is designed specifically for Weebly websites. With easy to follow instructions, users can use (install) a Weebly theme on their existing website.
Once the theme is placed on the website, Weebly options can be used to place content and to customize the theme design features to create a personalized, attractive and clear layout of the website.
Check out some amazing Weebly Themes here.

How Do I Install My Baamboo Themes?

Installing Weebly themes from Baamboo Studio is very simple. Every Weebly theme comes with a complete installation guide and additional documentation.
How long will it take? The instructions are easy to follow and will take just few minutes to install the Weebly theme.
Need more help? Here is an example of our documentation: [Link]

How Do I Customize My Baamboo Weebly Themes?

Customizing Baamboo Weebly Themes is easy and simple. All themes are customizable. You can use Weebly tools and settings to customize any theme according to your liking.


How do your templates work?

The only thing that changes when you install Baamboo Weebly theme is the outlook of your website layout, rest remained the same. You can continue using Weebly tools and settings as you do with Weebly own themes. Our templates are customizable in Weebly platform.

Will all my content remain when I switch to Baamboo Studio’s Templates?

Well, yes and no. When the content that you used in the drag & drop area of your Weebly website remain the same, the header images, background images or any customization made to the theme codes will not transfer from theme to theme.
This is why we suggest our users to install Baamboo Weebly themes earlier into your website design.

Are your Weebly templates compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, we understand that there is no life for business websites without mobile compatibility. This is why all of our Weebly themes are mobile responsive that look perfect on mobile devices.

How Do You Provide Support?

The best way to get help with is submit a ticket so we can keep track of the progress on each ticket more efficient. Also it can keep your info in private and safe.
Product support via phone, live chat, Facebook or Twitter is unavailable at this time but we are working on adding more communication channels in near future.

Purchasing and Delivery

Are your products 1-time purchases?

Yes, all of our products are 1-time investment purchases, except for the Ultimate Pass package. This mean, you only have to pay once and you can use the product forever.

How will the Baamboo Studio’s Templates be delivered to me?

Our delivery process is simple:
  1. Complete the Checkout Process.
  2. You will receive a conformation email with a unique link to each customer.
  3. Click the secured link.
  4. This will start an automatic download of our Weebly theme on your computer.
  5. You can now user and install the downloaded Weebly theme on your website.

I don't have a PayPal account. Can I use credit cards?

Yes, you can. Fortunately, PayPal (our transaction services provider) ACCEPTS ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS.
When you are in the shopping cart, you can choose any of the options to pay with
  • Your PayPal account
  • Your credit card
We accept payments through both payment methods.

BooCare Support

What is your template update & support policy?

The Baamboo Studio offers 1 year of FREE, Unlimited updates and technical support for each of our Weebly theme template.

When & Why do you update your templates?

We update our templates for 2 main reasons:
  1. To keep up to date with the Weebly changes. Weebly normally make changes to their website builder 2 times a year.  Bamboo Studio tracks all the changes by Weebly and updates our products immediately to ensure they remain 100% compatible with Weebly.
  1. To fix bugs. Any bug report to us will be solved within 48 hours, usually less than 24 hours.

What if after 1 year support / updates expire, Weebly makes a big update and the template no longer works well with Weebly's updates?

Our customers are allowed to use our Weebly templates for as long as they want. In case you want further support or updated template after the 1 year support we offer, you have to purchase the latest version of the template again.
The newest version will contain all the latest updates and new features. But you can always keep using your older version for as long as you want.

Theme Modifications

Can I customize the code of your templates?

Yes, you can if you are good enough with coding. But don’t do it if you are not an expert programmer. We suggest hiring an experienced and expert developer if you are looking for more complex customization and major changes to the theme.
In case of problems during the template customization, Baamboo Studio provides help to fix small issues for FREE. But if you have created major technical problems that will consume time to restore the template, the service fee will be charged.

Can you help me make customize changes to Baamboo Studio’s Templates?

Our Baamboo Studio’s Templates are pre-made and are sold as they are.
We are more than happy to help you do changes to our Weebly themes but the service fee is required.

I added non-Baamboo Studio’s widget(s)/app(s) into Baamboo Studio’s Templates and something broke. Can you fix it?

You can always add third party widgets and apps to our Weebly themes, but we don’t recommend it. In some cases, the products are not compatible with our templates as they are coded differently.
A better alternate is to use Baamboo Studio’s own apps. We offer everything you can find on the third party sources at a very competitive price. All of our products are tested and compatible with all of our designs and themes. We guarantee worry free addition and perfect compatibility with Weebly and our themes.
Simply put, a general rule of thumb is to be very cautious if you are inserting other developers’ codes as it may cause conflicts with Weebly (since the other developers may not have created the products specifically for Weebly) or with our products (the other developer may not have tested their products with our products).
As we don’t have any control over third party codes, we will not be responsible for trouble shooting non-Baamboo Studio codes. If you run into conflicts (something’s not working after you install other people’s products into ours), the best way is to remove their products. If still facing the same problem, simply re-install our products.

Licensing and Refund Policies

If I purchased a Baamboo Studio product once, can I use it for 2 or more websites?

All of our products can be used on single website for one license.
When you purchase a Baamboo Studio product, you will receive a ONE time usage license for the Baamboo Studio product you purchased.
If you plan to use a Baamboo Studio product again on another website or project, you will need to purchase the product again.

If I purchased the wrong product, can I get a refund or exchange it?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. As our products are digital, we normally will not be able to facilitate any refund or exchanges according to the industry norm.

Actual Customer Reviews

And that’s just a few

BaambooStudios provides excellent themes only surpassed by their service. I had a complex CSS issue and they is resolved it quickly and professionally


We have always received fantastic support from the guys at Baamstudio, particularly as we tend to push the boundaries of Weebly Templates.

Paul Scott

Baamboo Studio’s weebly templates look great, and the after sales service is fantastic!

Steve Bristow

I found this Weebly VOUS theme that had the look I wanted. I customized it, but I needed support on some items which they took care of right away!

Meg Larson

The best part about the theme is how clearly the CSS is labelled for most customization. Anything that I couldn’t do, Bamboo support helped me do it.


Great Service. They helped me modify the theme I purchased. Template looks and works great. Thanks.


Quality of layouts and ease of making them your own is so easy and straight forward! Worth the price and you get awesome customer service!

Liz Volz

When I want a professional Weebly website with more options for customization, I always use themes from Baamboo Studio. Their support is unrivaled.

Kevin de Laplante

Vous is a great layout. I love how they’ve added little notes in the html/css back end which helped me to identify where to make my changes.


Baamboo not only has great themes but stands out where it counts, Service. They went beyond my level of expectation when I asked for help. Txs guys.


Baamboo takes your site to the next level of beauty and function. With excellent documentation and support, they make it easy for even the novice.

Debi Bodett

I bought the Anthem theme and installed it for a client of mine, and we both love the theme! I had a small glitch with the contact form, but support jumped right in and fixed it in a timely manner. Thank you for the awesome support and great Weebly themes that you provide!

Crystal McLain

Quang, thank you for your excellent support. Please feel free to share the abundance health center website to help give others ideas on how to use your themes. http://www.abundancehealth.center

Michelle Peters Spivach

Not only are their themes professional and user-friendly, Baamboo studio’s support is fantastic. Quang is very responsive to any issue that needs troubleshooting. My multiple inquiries were resolved by the next day (at the latest).


I was able to build an amazing looking site with baamboos vous theme. We often have customers tell us how cool our website is! Thanks to Quang too – he’s super smart and you can tell he has plenty of experience.


Really enjoy working your templates! I have built two websites in two weeks for clients and everyone is pleased.  Great turnaround time on your help when needed.  Thank you!

Kim H

I’ve really appreciated all the after sales support Baamboo Studio have provided me when working with the templates. Having used 3 now, I can honestly say they are easily adaptable for customising to suit ones own brand.

Christine Duchenne

As a small business unable to afford professional web developers, and who’ve tried a number of DIY site-building solutions, we are so pleased to have found Baamboo Studio’. The templates are great and, most importantly, the client service so essential to getting the most from our investment is superb!

Nick Kelvin

The Serene theme by Bamboo Studios is a great looking product at a great price. In addition, we had to submit a help ticket with a problem that we encountered, and the problem was fixed in a timely manner.


The professional theme TheEra made by Baamboo Studio has been an useful help to create a beautiful website using the Weebly platform, thanks to its additional tools available to.

Fabio Pin

Being more skilled with ceramics that with digital products we asked the help of the team Baamboo Studio to customize the website.Their help was timely and very effective. Within hours, our website had a beautiful new look!Thanks Quang.

Nicoletta Biglia

BaamBoo Studio made a huge difference in the appearance and functionality of my organizations website! Great template selection, great pricing and superior customer support.

Tom Lynch

Baamboo Studio makes web design so simple. With their premium templates, I can create a stunning, user-friendly, and competitive website with barely any cost and time to me.

Elisha Bendele

Definitely a nice range of layouts, nothing too alike and every theme has its own style. No problem installing and everything went smooth, will definitely continue to purchase themes from Baamboostudio.com You guys are awesome!

Jorge Casanova

It was very easy to import the Rajaz template to my existing 70+ page website. The new look is stylish, professional and user-friendly. I never though that a persistent sidebar was possible in Weebly. Support from Baamboo is excellent. I would highly recommend their services and templates.

Petros Chatzipantazis

I must admit I am amazed by the level of your company’s customer service, it has without doubt been astounding. Thanks so much for doing this, I will definitely be recommending your services to friends and family.

John Maniatopoulos