Weebly Booster Tip #3: Clear, Larger and Attractive Call to Action (CTA) = Higher Conversion Rates

June 14, 2017

We have already discussed the benefits of the site-wide benefits bar and writing an effective product description.

Today, we want to talk about another key element for higher conversion rates – CTA.

The CTA is one of the fundamental elements of the website that is looking to increase conversion rates and sales.

The CTA if designed, placed, and sized effectively, can do wonders for website’s conversion rates.

Here are few tips for designing an effective CTA:

  • Make sure the CTA is Big enough.
  • Placement is important: To make it visible instantly, always try to place it above the fold.
  • Make sure the CTA has a contrast color against the background.
  • Allow some white space or blank space around CTA.
  • The ultimate goal of the design, placement, and size is to make CTA the most prominent and noticeable element on the page.

Check out a more detailed version at our blog about the effective use of CTA on your website.

Checklist: Common Mistakes

  • Are there any competing and more prominent graphics on the web page?
  • Are there distracting colors and fonts around CTA?
  • Is the navigation confusing, large, and move visitors away from the CTA?
  • Are there moving images or videos?
  • Is there more than one CTA on the same page?

Bonus Tip: Make your CTA Prominent with Visual Aid

All the visual cues on your web page must have one goal – to help visitors direct to CTA.

For example, an arrow that directs to CTA.

A prominent button shape CTA with embossed graphics and contrasting color.

Some other creative visual cues also include:

  • Borders around the CTA.
  • Adding noticeable shapes to CTA design like triangles.
  • A person looking at the CTA.

You can get as creative as you can, just make sure CTA is the most noticeable element on your web page.


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