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If you need any Weebly support with building your website, pointing your domain, installing your theme or want to get more information about our products/services, just send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Baamboo Studio Customer Support

Find your product documentations, get a quick answer or send us an email about our products or services.


Online Documentation for all of Baamboo Studio’s Weebly Themes and Weebly Apps

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Question & Answer

Find a quick answer to your problem by looking at previous questions asked. Or leave us a question yourself, we will try our best to answer it as soon as possible.

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Support Ticket

If you need an answer from us, our help or assistant, all you have to do is simply fill out a support ticket form.

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Weebly Customer Support

Connect to Weebly Customer Support for general issue, eg, how to point a domain to your site or your pricing plan…

Weebly Customer Email & Chat

Visit the Weebly Support Center and click the “Contact Us” button by the end of the page. Click on “Email Us” to submit your question via email, or click “Chat Now” to connect with the first available team member.

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Weebly Support Number

If your pricing plan is a Pro subscription or higher, you may also see an option to have Weebly calls you back.

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Weebly Community

Collaborate and learn from other Weebly users

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Hire Weebly Developer Experts

If you’re looking for small changes on your site but don’t know how to code it. Join for a chat and get a quick quote to get instant help from our Weebly developer experts.


Which issue could Baamboo Studio provide support for?

We provide free support for our themes, apps, and services related issues. The support is usually conducted via email, through a support ticket.

How long do I have free support?

The free support valid within 01 years of purchase. But we will also continue to help you with the minor issues after the period ends.

Does Baamboo Studio provide phone or chat support?

Baamboo Studio does not provide phone support due to our limited resources. However, if you are in a hurry. You’re always welcome to chat with us here.

How do you provide bug fixing for your products?

We commit to fixing all Weebly template bugs as quickly as possible once they are made known to us. We can fix bugs within 24 – 48 hours. After that, we will update the core Weebly product package file.

Could Baamboo Studio help me with general Weebly Support?

We only cover support for our Weebly themes, Weebly apps, and services, and can’t give general Weebly support that isn’t related to our products. For general Weebly support, please refer to http://help.weebly.com.

Does Baamboo Studio provide Weebly tutorial for general Weebly issues?

Sure, we do. You can have a look at this Weebly Tutorial here for everything you need to know to build an outstanding Weebly website.

What if I need some custom tweaks but Weebly Support couldn’t help?

If you want some modification assistance, which requires us to publish a couple of lines of code, we will be willing to help you for free. If, however, your query requires more than that amount of code to be published and you don’t have the skills to implement it yourself, you can hire Weebly Developer Experts from our Weebly Tweaks service.