How to Enable SSL Certificate for Your Weebly Website?

November 18, 2021
Do you know that your website could look like a spam site as below? It is a painful but straightforward matter that I see every day when working with Weebly websites.
non weebly ssl example

Perhaps most Weebly users are not very experienced with website building. Thus many website owners forgot to enable an SSL certificate for their websites. In this short article, we will let you know what an SSL certificate is and how to install SSL for your Weebly site.

​What is SSL?

​​According to Kaspersky: “An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates a website’s identity and enables an encrypted connection. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a security protocol that creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser.”

​How do SSL certificates work?

SSL works by ensuring that any data transferred between users and websites or between two systems remain impossible to read. It uses encryption algorithms to scramble data in transit, which prevents hackers from reading it as it is sent over the connection. This data includes potentially sensitive information such as names, addresses, credit card numbers, or other financial details.

Why is SSL essential? Here are our five key reasons.

  1. SSL Protects Data
  2. SSL Affirms Your Identity
  3. Better Search Engine Ranking
  4. SSL Helps You Satisfy PCI/DSS Requirements
  5. SSL Improves Customer Trust

Understanding SSL Certificates: Protect Your Site and Give Visitors a Safer Experience

​How to enable Weebly SSL certificate

Weebly SSL certificate is free for all hosting plans, and you can quickly turn this on in the site editor.

​To enable Weebly SSL certificate, in your Weebly Editor, click the Settings tab, scroll down to SSL in the General section, and click the Enable button below.

enable Weebly SSL certificate

Click on the Publish button on the top right corner after turning on SSL, done.

​​When the SSL is enabled, you will see your URL uses HTTPS:// instead of HTTP:// like below.

ssl certificate

Weebly SSL does not work – troubleshooting

​​If you’re using a domain name you purchased elsewhere, there’s an extra step required to get SSL up and running on your site.

troubleshoot Weebly SSL does not work

Once you’ve taken care of the steps above, come back and click the enable button to finish the process, then publish your website.

​​If you have trouble pointing your domain to your Weebly website, you could always ask our developers to do it for you at only $25 here.


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