Weebly Booster Tip #5: Boost Your Website’s Sales & Profits By Offer Free Shipping

June 29, 2017

This isn’t possible for every online retailer and every product — but offering free shipping makes a big difference.

According to recent polls, not only are most of today’s online shoppers expecting to get free shipping with their orders, but 88% of them are more likely to buy from online stores that offer free shipping.

That’s a huge statistic that simply can’t be ignored. If you’re not offering free shipping on your own website, then you could be leaving a massive amount of profits on the table.

Sometimes, it might be near impossible to make free shipping profitable.

However, there are strategies you can experiment with:


Compare conversion with and without a free shipping offer.


Increase the minimum order value required for free shipping, and test the improvement in margin.


See what kind of improvement you’ll get by offering free shipping only on select products where it is profitable.


Increase all your product prices to compensate for the loss you take on free shipping, and see how your profit compares.


Offer Free Shipping to Members Only


Offer Special Free Shipping Days

A Clever Way To Use Free Shipping To BOOST Your Sales!

Even if you’re currently offering some sort of free shipping offer on your website right now, that’s simply not enough.

Your customers need to know HOW they can earn free shipping with you throughout the entire shopping experience.

This means better and more consistent communication with them, but in a non-invasive or annoying way, that encourages them to buy more from you in order to earn free shipping.

Now, thanks to our new Free Shipping Bar app, all of this is possible… and it’s going to completely change the way your own online customers shop and buy from you (in a good way!).
But don’t take our word for it, check out The Free Shipping Bar App in action

Let’s add some items to the cart and watch the magic happen.

We know you’re going to simply love the boost this is going to give to your overall revenues and profits!


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