Weebly Booster Tip #2: Increase Your Conversion Rate with Better Product Copy

June 5, 2017
Writing Product Descriptions for Weebly Store: Learn from the Customers

If you own an online store on Weebly, one of the most critical chunks of content on your website is product descriptions.


Here is one simple trick to write persuasive product description – base your product descriptions on customer feedback:

  1. Search the online reviews of similar products as offered by your store.
  2. Learn about the features customers are looking for. What makes them satisfied.
  3. Do in-depth analysis and look for common praises and use of common terms in reviews. For example, if many customers used the term “durable,” make sure to use the term in the description as well.
  4. Look for sensory words used in reviews and add them into descriptions. Sensory words seduce buyers.
  5. Product descriptions carefully drafted and derived from actual customer feedback are more productive.

Here is a simple checklist for effective product descriptions.

Is it focused around actual buyers and their feedback?
Does it entice benefits?
Add mini-stories to create a bond where possible.
Avoid generic phrases like “best quality quilt” without justifying them.
Content must focus on your customer’s imagination.

Use sensory words like smooth, sweet, crunchy, etc.


Add social proof where possible.


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