Weebly Booster Tip #1: How to Add a Site Wide Benefit Bar to Weebly

May 30, 2017

Check out this website with a site-wide benefits bar, with all the “Hot Offers.”

Check another one, with all the prominent and attractive features like free delivery and high customer approval.

Looks attractive, isn’t it?

Not only do these site-wide benefits bars look attractive and add value to your website design, but they also result in better conversion rates and higher sales.

This is exactly why, if you have a business Weebly website, you should have a site-wide benefits bar.

Below are some more great examples for your inspiration:

Why a Site-Wide Benefits Bar?

A site-wide benefits bar is the latest trend. As it is more prominent, it is now widely used by online stores that want to lure visitors into buying or taking a quick decision.

It allows website owners to quickly provide the more prominent reasons to visitors, “Why to buy from you?”

It also acts as a trust anchor, as in the example of ao.com. The intelligent use of Trustpilot reviews at the top is a smart technique to win the trust of visitors.

Some of the most prominent benefits and features you can use on the benefits bar are:

  • Price Match Promise.
  • Warranties/Guarantees Offered.
  • Made in USA or other Geographical Info.
  • Free Shipping or Quick Delivery
  • Option (Next Day Delivery).
  • Positive Rating.

Or anything else that can gain the trust of visitors.

Adding a Site-Wide Benefits Bar to your Weebly Website

Here are a few simple steps for adding it to your website.


Brainstorm the benefits you want to use on the bar. Write them down.


Make sure to design an icon for each of the benefits you offer. Check out this example how different icons are used out of simple heart figure.


Create a bar to place the benefits along with the corresponding icons.


To write the benefits on your bar, drag and drop the TEXT element on your newly created bar. To add icons, drag and drop IMAGE element into the bar.

Pro Tip:

The best option is to place the bar at the top, right below the navigation bar. This way it can capture the attention of visitors instantly.

Another good practice is to display the benefits bar with navigation on all pages.

But here is the catch. You have to customize the theme to use the draggable bar on your website as these areas (the top of the header and the place right below the navigation bar) are not draggable.

If you can’t do it yourself, you can use our customization service here.


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