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Where to Find Free Weebly Themes?
How to get the 15 Must-have Weebly Apps For Free?

Weebly offers dozen of free Weebly themes and apps. Those are the standard themes that users can choose in the Weebly Themes Gallery and some free (but also useful) Weebly apps that available on the Weebly App Center. Yet when it comes to creating a professional web design, we would still need to reach out to other custom Weebly themes and paid Weebly apps.

In this article, we will instruct you where to find and download the best custom Weebly templates and apps for FREE, to use them for advanced Weebly web design.

Want to know how to design a Weebly website?

Have a look at this step-by-step tutorial if you want to know how to design a beautiful Weebly website.

Where to Find Free Weebly Themes?

If you are a Weebly beginner, let us quickly walk you through the definition of Weebly themes, free Weebly themes, custom Weebly themes, why should you use one, and where to find and download free custom Weebly themes.

What Is A Weebly Theme and What Does It Do To A Weebly Website?
A Weebly theme defines the general design of the Weebly website, like the menu bar, footer, button design, image gallery design, fonts, and so on. See more about the roles of the Weebly templates here.

What Are Free Weebly Themes?
Free Weebly themes can be the standard templates that Weebly offers in the Weebly Themes Gallery or can be a custom Weebly template that is an offer by a developer house for free.

What Are Custom Weebly Themes and Why Should You Use One?

As mentioned above, Weebly offers several standard Weebly themes for free, that users can change the themes in the Weebly Themes Gallery. However, for business Weebly users, these standard Weebly themes are often bored and very limited in design and customization abilities. For example, you can not change the menu background color, have a sticky menu, or a transparent menu style… with a standard Weebly theme.

That is why most Weebly users who would like to have beautiful Weebly websites need to use custom Weebly themes offer by an outside developer house like Baamboo Studio.

Custom Weebly themes usually offered a wide range of customization within the theme options and a more beautiful and professional design than a standard Weebly theme. These custom templates are also be called Premium Weebly themes.

You can see more about the theme options of the Premium Weebly Themes belong to Baamboo Studio via the video above.

Free Custom Weebly Themes

Where To Find Free Custom Weebly Themes?
On the Baamboo Studio website, you can download free Weebly themes and import them for your website. We offer 06 free templates as you could see in the Free Weebly Themes category. These free Weebly themes are fully functional as the other premium Weebly themes we offer.

You will still able to customize the menu color, button color, and a lot more with the theme options and premium design layouts. But for these 06 free Weebly templates, there will be a small sponsored text “Weebly Themes by Baamboo Studio” shown on your website footer. There might be a little deferred update on the free Weebly themes due to the lack of budget, but also offer free technical support for the Free Weebly themes as well.

How to get the 15 Must-have Weebly Apps For Free?

You can find free Weebly apps in the free list on the Weebly app center and just add them to your website. However, if we would like to create a professional design for a Weebly site, we usually need some help from this paid apps package – the Ultimate Pass Plus

Free Weebly Apps

What is the Ultimate Pass Plus Package?
The Ultimate Pass Plus for Weebly package is used for Weebly’s professional design. This powerful package grants lifetime access to all 18 Premium Weebly themes and 01-year of access to all 15 must-have Weebly apps. While most of the beautiful Weebly website designs are need more or less help from these Weebly apps, the package does not come for free, it is $97 per year while purchasing through the Weebly apps center.

Get Free Access to The Ultimate Pass Plus
To accomplish the initial Mission of Baamboo Studio; which is to help as many Weebly users as possible to create amazing Weebly websites, we came up with Weebly Plus.

Consider creating your Weebly site on Weebly Plus to get FREE access to all of our 18 premium Weebly themes, 15 must-have Weebly apps, exclusive support, and guidance to create the website you will love…

Weebly Plus is the Weebly hosting package offered by Baamboo Studio.

When creating a new Weebly website in Weebly Plus, you will have the exact hosting plans, website builder, features, and pricing as you could have in Weebly. Plus the extra benefits as below:

Most importantly, you will always have us for consultation and help while building your dream website. If you are having a new Weebly website or would like to create a complete overhaul of your website design, Weebly Plus is the perfect choice to make. Chat with us to order a Weebly Plus website.


Weebly provides an easy and quick way to create a website for your business. It’s ideal for basic informational websites, blogs, portfolios, personal websites, and small to medium online stores.
With just the standard theme and design elements, one can create a website using a pre-designed theme.

You can also use a premium custom Weebly theme for more customization, to give your website an authentic look and feel. 06 free custom Weebly themes can be downloaded on the Baamboo Studio website.

Furthermore, the Ultimate Pass Plus package for Weebly is a great design package tool that usually needed to upgrade a website design to the next level.

If you are having a new Weebly website or would like to create a complete overhaul of your website design, Weebly Plus is the perfect choice to make, to get free access to the Ultimate Pass Plus package. Otherwise, you can also purchase this app package for your current website in the Weebly App Store.


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