10 Stunning Weebly Websites design with Weebly 4

September 1, 2020

Weebly 4 (the Weebly update on 21st Sep 2016) features a lot of new and in-demand possibilities for Weebly designers and Weebly site owners along with few astonishing surprises. With these new features and upgraded Weebly themes, it is easier to give your Weebly website an entirely new and modern outlook. Click to learn more about the most recent premium Weebly themes and Weebly website examples

Weebly Websites Designs

Weebly Sections

Fullwidth Image and Color Backgrounds

Create unique, modern designs with the customizable image and color backgrounds. Work with new sections that work like mini-site and can contain multiple design elements within – like color backgrounds, text, images and video. Add more variety and customization by stacking independent sections into your page layout.

Weebly Websites Designs

Flexible Headers

Custom Headers

Bring new life to your header. Drag and drop dynamic content into your website header with a fully customizable header. Build impactful pages that drive sales and keep your audience engaged

Full-Screen Video

Make use of the faster internet speeds by adding full-screen videos without worrying about load time. Header videos were trending in 2016 – it is time to move toward full-screen videos for a more astonishing user experience.

E-commerce Updates: Who Needs Shopify Anymore?

Custom Store Design

Make use of new “Product and Category Elements” to add more flexibility to your online store. Create a better online store with unique designs and user-friendly layout to showcase your products.

If you’re looking to see a few live examples of what Weebly 4 can do — or maybe you’re just looking for a little inspiration to carry over to one of your own sites/projects — here’s a collection of absolutely stunning design demo pages we created!

#1. Linen

Rich in Design, Creativity, Responsiveness

These will give you a fair idea of the possibilities with Weebly 4, and perhaps a few cues that you can pick up to build your own website.

#2. Seranade

Stunningly Beautiful & Customizable Weebly Theme

These beautiful layouts can be used to jump-start your new projects, help you to build new pages quickly. They are also a great way for you to learn the ins and outs of the Weebly 4.

#3. X

Perfect Theme For Creatives

#4. Vine

A Sleek, Smooth and Ultra Professional Weebly Theme

#5. Pyramid

Inspired by Google’s Material Design

#6. Infiniti

Professional, yet Elegant at The Same Time

#7. Frank

Minimalism. Elegance. Relaxation. Functionality

#8. Caviar

Simplicity Is Sophistication

#9. Lamentia

A Modern, Minimal and Breathable Theme Design

#10. Leica

A Slick & Minimal Weebly Theme Built To Last!

How to Make the Most out of Weebly 4 Update?

Weebly is now evolved into a very powerful online platform that not only helps build an impressive website but also to start and grow your online business. But to make the most out of the powerful features it offers, users also need a fully-featured Weebly theme that works best with all these upgraded features.

Baamboo Studio allows Weebly users to view all featured themes live with free access to the demo. No need to try out multiple themes before settling with the best fit. View multiple demo themes and choose the best one.

Furthermore, with customizable Weebly themes, you can have plenty of options to quickly customize your Weebly website into something that is completely unique and new.

That’s it. Now that you have a fair idea about Weebly 4 and have looked at some of the websites built using Weebly, you may be ready to strike out on your own.


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