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A Business Weebly Theme

Pyramid Weebly Theme For Business

Start building your stunningly beautiful website today with Pyramid Weebly theme!

1-click installation!

Easy To Customize

No Coding required

Fast Support

Really enjoy working your templates! I have built two websites in two weeks for clients and everyone is pleased.  Great turnaround time on your help when needed.  Thank you!

Kim H

Owner, Paper Moon Marketing

We have always received fantastic support from the guys at Baamstudio, particularly as we tend to push the boundaries of Weebly Templates.


Paul Scott


I was able to build an amazing looking site with baamboos vous theme. We often have customers tell us how cool our website is! Thanks to Quang too – he’s super smart and you can tell he has plenty of experience.


Internet Marketing Manager, Colorid

Baamboo Studio’s weebly templates look great, and the after sales service is fantastic!

Steve Bristow

Director, Kite Media


Inspired by Google’s Material Design

Our Pyramid theme is as powerful and breathtaking as the great pyramids in Egypt! Small businesses and even larger corporations alike use Pyramid to build some of the most beautiful websites ever made.

Thanks to Pyramid’s impressive line of built-in features such as fade-out text, mind-blowing animations, and even more attention-grabbing features…it gives you all you need to build your next professional website like a real pro.

Pyramid will make you feel like a pharaoh of great web design, but without the typical expertise. If you can click a mouse, you can design your next online wonder with Pyramid.

Pyramid has been fully inspired by Google’s Material Design to give you the best theme to build a truly eye-catching website that people will want to take seriously. Get creative. Create new & unique styles. Be bold. Go big!

Pyramid will get you where you want to be with your own website and make YOU the design King!

Exclusive Pyramid Theme Features Include…


100% Compatible With The Latest Weebly 4 Update!

STOP using outdated themes that are using way too much JS Code! These themes weigh down your website and cause it to not only load very slowly, but it can make your website hard to customize…and can even harm it in the long run!

Learn more ...

We’ve discovered that users run into several issues using other types of Weebly themes. These issues include: compatibility issues, conflict issues, severe lack of design flexibility, and many other issues.

We not only study and follow everything Weebly does, but we also adapt to these changes to stay up-to-date with all Weebly updates. By doing this, we’re able to create quality themes and apps that work smoothly and amazingly well. There are no other Weebly themes on the market that can match what we offer!

Thanks to the Weebly 4 Update, now you can edit and customize your own themes (including Pyramid!) without editing any code!

The sooner you use Pyramid for your own website theme, the better! Not only will your website look great and run smoothly, but it’ll be better for you in the long run…guaranteed!


Made Pixel Perfect Just For You!

Every single component of all of our themes, including Pyramid, is designed with meticulous and careful attention to all details. We focus on every single detail to ensure high quality and perfection in everything we create.

You’ll find Pyramid refreshingly clean, with plenty of crisp lines, soft colors, and no useless clutter or distracting animations to ruin the visual experience.

Our attention to detail with Pyramid is truly unparalleled, and we know you’re going to be blown away by how amazing it is!

Create Stunning Weebly websites with Pyramid


Easy & Flexible Color Options!

Now with just a few simple clicks, you can completely transform the colors on your website to match your own brand. You can change the color of almost every element within your website with your own custom colors or choose from one of our pre-defined color skins.


Theme Options


10 Incredible Page Layouts That Will Blow Your Mind!

When you choose Pyramid as your new Weebly theme, you’ll be making a great choice when it comes to website excellence. Included with this theme are 10 unique page layouts to help you build a site that is both dynamic and made with a variety of intuitive visual page structures. This gives you the ultimate creative freedom to build your own visual hierarchy and content structure with a cohesive style that’s seamless in elegant design and flow.

Some of the unique page layouts included in this theme are…


Landing Page Layout

Landing pages are one of the most popular and most used pages on the Internet. These pages are a proven way to draw people into your website, app or service without overwhelming them with other distracting information or links. These pages are highly flexible and will allow you to add any content you want very easily!


3 Blog Layouts

With Pyramid, you’ll have the chance to create a blog with one of our 3 amazing blog layouts. You can finally say goodbye to generic and plain looking blogs that don’t draw in the reader.

We’ve created our blog layouts to not only look great, but to make your content shine! Simply write your content, click publish, and you’re all set! You’ll have an instant content-rich blog that looks amazing and gives you the flexibility to make it just the way you want.

Don’t forget to use our Advanced Split Typography feature to make your blog posts really pop!

“Now instead of buying multiple Weebly themes to get the page layouts

you want the most…now you can get them ALL with Pyramid!”


Want To Build An Online Store?

With Pyramid, now you can! Your new online store awaits you! Create a beautiful online store using our customized store layouts so you can make more online sales and profits!


Pyramid Is Mobile Responsive!

The world is changing, and so are the ways people are browsing and using the Internet. Now everything is “Going Mobile”…and so should your website! We’ve made Pyramid completely mobile responsive so it not only looks good on a desktop computer or Tablet, but also on any Smartphone as well.


A Powerful Slide-Out Search Bar

The slide-out search bar lets you add in a useful search bar without taking up any critical space in the header of your website. This powerful search bar only slides out when a viewer clicks on the search icon. This way the most precious real estate area of your website remains free of needless clutter!

*NOTE: The search function only works for Weebly Pro or Business Plan users.

What are you waiting for?


Beautiful Hover Styling

Simple. Easy. Beautiful! With our unique hover styling, your work will outshine all the competition and stand out in a competitive crowd online!


Start building the most stunningly beautiful websites today with Pyramid!

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