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Experienced Baamboo Studio designers


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What Our Customers Say

Frank and his team did a great job transforming my website into a more professional and robust presence. They were responsive and easy to work with for a very reasonable price. I will definitely use them again in the future.

Stevyn Guinnip

Very high quality design service for my Weebly website! They were quick and make adjustments without complication. Thanks so much.

Caroline Utton

Bamboo Studio really impressed me with their customer service and great communication. They did an excellent job in what can be a big update for a business. I’m keen to use their services again in the future.

Sarah Ferguson

Bamboo is a great service. Knowledgeable and timely in their service. Quang was very professional and able to meet our needs and help with design issues quickly. Thank you Bamboo Studio!

The University of Science and Philosophy

Why Hire a Weebly Expert?

Hire a Weebly Expert is an excellent offer whether you’re looking for a few tweaks to your existing site, custom coding, or polish an existing site. You will get professional assistance from our project manager, developer, and designer.
​​This is also a hassle-free opportunity to maximize your website potential. They are supposed to find out all the details and preferences about the features and design you want. You will pay only for the actual developing and designing hours needed to fulfill the service.


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​​You’re busy. Spend time where you’re needed most

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​​Get a beautiful, effective result.

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​​With honest, caring people.

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​​We stay with you until you’re happy.

​How it Works

We try to keep it super simple and easy to quickly help your site.


Collecting Information

After the payment is approved, our project managers will contact you by email. Please, let us know precisely what customizations you are interested in. We will estimate how much time is needed to implement those customizations. Also, be ready to provide screenshots, descriptions, and additional info that we may need to get it done.


Making the Changes

We will implement all changes on your Weebly website or create and customize a design for you. You will be able to check the progress by contacting your project manager via chat or email.



Our team will inform you when all listed customizations are complete. Then, you will check the work to approve the results. In case anything should be changed or fixed, please notify in advance. The review process usually takes 15 minutes.

To Fulfil The Service, We Need:


Information about a design you want us to create or customize


Any additional details needed to perform the service


Access to your Weebly website