Choosing the best Weebly themes – 4 Steps you should follow

November 9, 2021


Step 1: Define the Goal of Your Weebly Website
Step 2: Search for Inspiration.
Step 3: Make a List of Must-have Layouts for Your Website
Step 4: Pick Your Best Weebly Themes

Have you ever stared hopelessly in a collection of Weebly themes, wondering, “How the heck do I know which one I should pick?”

Don’t you feel like the more themes you look at, the more they look similar?
It is a blessing that we have an exceptional range of the best Weebly themes to choose from in-store, but it often becomes a headache as every other theme looks perfectly fine for our businesses.

To make things easier for you, we have developed a set of criteria that we use when making template design suggestions.

This helps add clarity to your decision. Once you go through our checklist of 4 necessary steps, you will be fully confident in choosing the right theme for your Weebly site.

Here are the 4 Steps you should follow to find the theme that best suits you.

Step 1: Define the Goal of Your Weebly Website

Before even looking into a theme, be clear about what exactly do you want to achieve with your website?

  • If you’re an online seller, your main website goal is selling stuff! So you’ll need an eCommerce theme, with special navigation and product-display layouts.
  • If it is a corporate website, the design should be clear, professional to emphasize on trust and authority. A business theme  will suit your site.
  • If you’re a photographer, or you need to display lots of large images on your website, you’ll need to choose a template that focuses on visuals. So a portfolio theme would be an idea template for your site.

Browse through the Weebly themes gallery or our custom Weebly themes gallery. Pick one that helps you to achieve your goal. You can select templates that are specifically for online store (eCommerce), portfolio, business, or blog.

Thus if you choose to create a business Weebly website, your options will narrow down to those business Weebly templates, such as the Infiniti, Finder, Stella, or Serene theme…

Premium Weebly Theme Gallery

Step 2: Search for Inspiration.

Explore the competition in the same industry

One of the best ways to add clarity to your decision is to explore the competition in the same industry. This works in both ways. You can have a good idea of what you may want on your website along with things that you want to avoid. Here’s what you do.

  • Look for websites that are in the same business industry.
  • For example, if you sell Women’s Clothes online, you can search for “Fashion websites Examples” or “eCommerce website examples”. If you are an Insurance company, you may look for “Insurance Websites examples” or “Business Website Showcases”.
  • See what content they put on their websites. What are the key components in their design that attract and influence visitors?
  • Pick one or two best examples that fit your business.

Explore the Weebly website examples

It is best to search for examples within Weebly and your business industry. Why?
Because when you find your right example, it’s possible to find out which Weebly theme was that example built with, so you will have the chance to get the exact theme for your website. It saves time and usually gets you exactly what you are looking for.

So if you are searching, your keywords would be “Weebly website examples”, “Weebly Insurance website examples”, “Weebly restaurant website examples” or “Weebly business website examples”, etc…

Great news! We have prepared the exact thing you need here. It’s a collection of Weebly website examples sorted by industry. You can find your relevant examples, even better, you will also know which Weebly theme was used.

You can:

  • Pick your relevant Weebly website examples.
  • Explore the design that you could have for your site with that example.
  • Get the theme that was used to create that website.

Take a look at the Weebly Examples here.

best weebly website examples

Step 3: Make a List of Must-have Layouts for Your Website

Before deciding or even exploring the options you have, you should have a list of layouts that you need on your website. Having this list, you can easily narrow down the options.
In this sample, the 6 must-have lists of layouts will be:

  • Top Navigation (is it a horizontal menu or hamburger menu or sidebar menu)
  • Full wild header slider (1 – 3 sliders)
  • Layouts for online store
  • Layouts for blogs
  • Layouts for about page, service and one-page.
  • 100% Responsive Layouts.

You should go to the demo site of a theme to see what type of layouts does the theme offers. For example, in the Infiniti demo site here. You will see it has 01 homepage layout, layout for about page, service page and contact page. It also has 3 blog layouts, 2 header slider layouts, a splash layout…;

When you click to the Elements tab, you will see how the buttons, images, gallery, social buttons… would be displayed while using the Infiniti theme.

Which page layouts do you want to have on your website?

Note: Please don’t pay much attention to the theme’s features (except for the capable of responsiveness). For example, many asked me if they can add video on their website with this theme, or if the theme provides login option… you most likely won’t be able to find those features in any Weebly template, premium or not. It’s because the theme is not built for features. The themes are only built to differentiating the layouts design. So, let’s just select the theme which has the most of the design layouts requirement.

You can look for basic Weebly features in Weebly elements (such as adding video, images…). Or other features in our App Store or Weebly App Center. Please have a look at our complete Weebly tutorial here to know how to get a feature within Weebly with Weebly Apps.

Step 4: Pick Your Best Weebly Themes

If you have followed the last three steps, you can easily choose the right Weebly theme, by combining the 03 steps above.

The right Weebly theme should match the requirements below:

  • It’s one of the themes within your narrow Weebly goal in Step 1.
  • It’s the one which creates the Weebly website example that you like.
  • It has the overall design you like and acquire most layouts in your wish list.

That is it! We believe you get the best Weebly themes that suit your sites after following those 4 steps. Now is your turn to get started.

Remember, Your website can be beautiful & professional – No matter what industry you are in. Let me know if you need my help by chatting directly with me here.


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