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May 6, 2021


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Website content writing is the most important and initial matter that you should work on while building a website. In this article, we will guide you step by step on how to write website content that is not only good to read but drives organic traffics for your website. You could use this SEO Content Writing guide to write content or create a website content strategy for your Weebly website or a website on another platform like Wix, WordPress, or Squarespace. Here is the list of what this article covers.

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Website Content Definition

According to Wikipedia, web content is the textual, visual, or aural content that is encountered as part of the user experience on websites. It may include—among other things—text, images, sounds, videos, and animations.

In short, website content is everything you see or hear on the front end of a website. But within this article, when we mention website content, it would be about the website content writing or website copywriting. Because with most websites, it is the most common and considerable matter – the text content.

Why Website Content is Important

Web content is the key indicator behind every website’s traffics. Thus creating engaging website copywriting with a clear website structure for easy navigation is essential for a successful website. Web owners also need to optimize the website content to be friendly with search engines (SEO). Nevertheless, the two tasks belong to the one seamless job if you dig in a bit further.

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How To Write a Website Content

Step 01 – Define the Purpose of Your Website

It sounds obvious, but it needs to be clear from the beginning. Ask yourself what would you like the Weebly website to do for you? Would you like to showcase your portfolio or share your life experience? Do you want it to sell your products or services? Which kind of products or services will you offer on your website?

Step 02 – Audience Research

After determining the purpose of your website, you will have an idea about who is your website audience. Your audience will most likely be the one who is interested in your products, services, or the information that you plan to share on your website. Your task here is to define their gender, location, languages, and keywords that they use to search for your products, services, or related matters. Try to speak with some idea audience face to face. To learn about their behaviors when searching solutions for similar products, services, or the related matters that you may offer.

Step 03 – Competitors Research

You will need to search (on Google) for the websites that also offer similar products, services, or information that you want to offer online. Dig in their website structure (site map), web content to see how many pages, blogs, and information they offer their online reader.

Step 04 – Keywords Research

Keywords research is firstly to find out what keywords that you should include in your website copywriting. And secondly, to put the keywords in a well structured.

After having a clear picture of your products/services, audience and competitors, you will be able to figure out a list of keywords for your website. There are two tasks that you would need to do with keywords research as follow.

Task 01: Find out the list of keywords for your website

Use a keyword research tool.

  • Write down the 03 to 05 keywords you have in mind about your business industry. The keywords should contain 01 – 03 words each. For example, Baamboo Studio keywords could be website design, Weebly, Weebly themes, Weebly apps.
  • Put your main keywords to a keywords research tool. We usually use the For a free keyword research tool, you can use the Keyword Planner in the Google Ads.
  • With each main keyword, you will get 04 lists of suggestion keywords, related keywords, questions, and prepositions. Each list shows keywords that people search in each country or language. The list will also indicate every keyword, the monthly search volume of each, trending, and competitions. Export all lists to CSV files.
  • Open each CSV file in Google Sheet or Microsoft excel, copy and paste the keywords and search volume of all keywords that you see relevant to your business to make it your keywords list.

Use an SEO research tool.

  • If you put a keyword to the Ahref > Keyword Explorer tool, you will get a result of the top 10 web pages that ranked highest in Search Engine Research Pages (SERP) as below.
  • Click to each competitor’s keywords, you will get the keywords that the competitor has been ranked for.
  • Copy and paste the relevant keywords and monthly search to your keyword list.

Note: If you are starting and do not want to pay for a premium keyword research tool or SEO tool, you can just read your competitor’s website and use the Google Keyword Planner. That could be enough to craft out an idea keywords list to use for your website content writing.

Task 02: Sorting your keywords

At this point, you would have many keywords on your list. It is not weird if your list contains hundreds of keywords. On the contrary, it is perfectly normal. A successful website could be ranked high with thousands or even millions of different keywords in SERP.

Now, your task is simple, to sort out the keywords to different categories, sub-categories, and even sub-sub-categories. It takes some time with experience in your business industry to decide which keyword belongs to which group. The main category is usually a keyword that has a high search volume.

Step 05 – Website Content Planning

Now it comes to the fun part. After you have determined your products/services and the keywords list for your website, you will need to write the website content structure for your Weebly site.

According to Yoats SEO, “Site structure refers to how you organize your website’s content. A website often consists of content on a variety of – related – topics, presented on posts and pages. Site structure deals with how this content is grouped, linked, and presented to the visitor.”

You could see that the website content structure is more or less like a sitemap. You will need to categorize your products, services, and blog contents into categories and subcategories based on the result of Step 4. The main page will go with the main category, usually belong to a keyword with a large search volume, and a page under the main page should be about a subcategory of that main category.

For example, Baamboo Studio website content has the site structure (site map) as follows:

  1. Weebly Themes
  2. Weebly Apps
  3. Weebly Web Design Services
      • Weebly TweaksWeebly
      • Web Design Service
      • Weebly to WP Service
  4. Weebly Tutorial
  5. Weebly Website Examples

Under the page Weebly Themes, we have 18 pages listed for 18 Premium Weebly Themes.

Or under Weebly Tutorial, we have other blogs to show how to use Weebly, like How to create Weebly Header Slider.

In your website content planning, you will need to list all the main pages, categories for blogs and even detail title for each future blogs you may have. The goal is for you or a hired copywriter could write the content for your web page in the website content development step.

Step 06 – Homepage Content Writing

Most website owners are still making a common mistake of doing the website design, even before they complete their homepage content. Mixing up website content and design could lead to an un-organized failure website. Keep in mind these simple guides below to write top-notched homepage content for your website.

  • The homepage content should always be in text format.
  • Break your homepage content into sections with bullets if possible.
  • The first section should be about you or your products /services. The title of the first section is Heading 1.
  • Other sections could answer the questions of what, who, how, when, why about you or your products/ services. The other sections’ titles should be Heading 2.
  • Homepage content should contain 5 – 7 sections and about 900 – 2000 words.
  • To write great web design content (content that suits website design), remember that you are not writing a novel. Keep your content clear and short.
  • You should also write the page title and description for your homepage for it to appear nicely on SERP.
  • You could have a look at a Homepage content writing example here.

Step 07 – Web Page Content Writing

When it comes to SEO website content, it usually the case that your website traffics will come from many pages of your website. Therefore, SEO web copywriting should be applied when writing the content for every single page. To successfully write a web page for your website, keep in mind these simple notes.

  • Do Step 4 (Keyword research) again every time you write a new web page.
  • From the keywords research result, form up a web page content structure (Table of Content) that contains the relevant categories for the page. For example below.
  • Write the web page content in text format, with sections and bullets.
  • If you are writing about a local product or service, remember to add the location on your content, for example, Hairdresser in Vancouver
  • Inner page content could (and should) has long text. For a blog post, it could be 2500 – 4000 words or more. But you will still need to be clear on each heading you have (H1, H2, H3, H4…).
  • You could have a look at a web page content writing format here.

Website Content Ideas

To write good web page content, you do not only need to do keyword research, but you should also look for website content examples. The first place to look for similar content examples is to go to Google and search with the main keywords that you already have. An SEO tool like Semrush, Ahref, or Moz can provide even more data about the content, link, and keywords of your competitors.

Website Content Writing Services

If you are not a writer and having a budget for your website, you could use some help with website copywriting services. As we have mentioned earlier, you should still be the one who comes up with the website content planning and structure, but you would ask some website content writer to write a web page content for your Weebly website.

You can search for website content writing services in your local with your language, or you can always go to the online freelancer market to search for a website content copywriter. The market we usually use is Upwork and Fiverr.

Using web content writing services will allow you to have more control of your timing and schedule. The rate varies from $2 – $3 per 100 words. So it could cost you $40 – $60 for a web page content with 2000 words, depends on your niche market.

For Website SEO content services, you could ask the copywriter to do the keyword research for you and write the TOC for the page before writing the page content.

You may ask your copywriter to include the reference link within the delivered content. The URL should also be included on your web page (Except the link to your competitor websites)

Website Content Evaluation

There are many ways to evaluate a piece of content which deliver to you. You could follow these guides.

  • Read the content by yourself to see if it is clear and follow the structure that you ordered.
  • You can use to check for spelling or grammar in English.
  • For plagiarism, you could use or However, the tools may not always be accurate.
  • Use Google Analytics to see how visitors react to your web page content, like time on site or bounce rate.
  • Lastly, you will need to upload the post on your website, do all the SEO optimization for the article and see if it can earn you organic traffics to your website after one month.
  • How often should website content be updated? A web page content should be updated (or at least announce that it is updated every year). Other than that, you could optimize your web page content again and again until you are satisfied with it.

Website Design and Content Writing

If you are wondering if the content writing above could be used for web design, the answer is yes. We work with many website designers over the years, and here are what we usually send out for a landing page design:

  • The landing page content in text format.
  • High-quality Images (if available)
  • 01 – 03 URLs of website examples

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Now you know how to write the homepage content for your Weebly website. You could even craft out a website content planner for your future articles on your website. And SEO web copywriting is nothing more than good research. Just a heads up, for the niche that already has too many contents available on the web, you might never be ranked or earn any organic traffics even you have a well-organized web page structure in your content. So make sure to research well and be clever before you start.


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