New responsive themes release: Introducing Linen and VOUS

January 31, 2015

2015 starts awesome!

Last year, our revenue was tripled. It can be called our little success. However, I’m not really happy because we ended up the year with no new template release, really.

We’ve spent almost the year 2014 for custom projects. It’s not all about revenue. Sometimes, it really hard to refuse your clients’ requests.

Even we didn’t release any new templates, we’ve crafted 16 unique template ideas in total. That’s thanks to the custom projects we’ve worked on. By working on custom projects, we’ve discovered a lot of new things that can be applied to future templates and have more in-depth understanding of which features will work best for your Weebly sites.

Linen and VOUS are two of those which we’ve worked around the clock to ship them at the beginning of the year so you can have more choices to fresh up your sites for another great year.

I’d encourage you to learn more about Linen and VOUS by visiting our present pages and taking a look at their demo sites.

Linen’s Present PageLinen Demo Site

VOUS’s Present PageVOUS Demo Site

Within this post, I will show you exciting new features we’ve added to Linen and VOUS.

Responsive design

Responsive Web design has been around for a while. By using Google Analytic, I can see the number of visits from mobile devices has grown day by day.

With Linen and VOUS, you can build your site without worrying about losing clients who are using mobile devices.

Highly customized elements

Almost all elements have been carefully crafted, from IMAGE, GALLERY, CONTACT FORM, BUTTONS, etc.

The purpose is simple, making your site look great without caring much about design.

CSS animation effects

A lot of effects have been added to nav menu, button, gallery, etc. to help present your content in a unique and appealing way.

Large images and videos

Fullscreen slider, fullscreen video, fullscreen background images will be much loved features in our latest templates.

They give you wonderful ways to bring the wow factor to your site.

Hidden main menu

Thanks to the minimized nav menu, users can focus more on the content of your site and at the same time, you can bring exciting browsing experience to your users.

As always, we’d like to listen to each and every of your feedback to make our products better over time. Please comment below to let us know what you think.


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