Free Weebly Widget: Colored Columns

April 9, 2015

The free Weebly widget of this week will be extremely helpful and so much easy to implement.

However, before we go further, let me ask you to do one thing.

Go to your site and open the most important page of your site (Home page, landing page, product pages, etc.).

… Now let’s see which part is the most important of the page?

How did you make it differentiate from other parts of the page? Maybe you make the text bigger, add a featured image, etc.

Sometime, those efforts aren’t enough in order to make an important part to be really featured.

Today, I’ll give you an effective way to solve that problem.
It’s our latest free Weebly widget: Colored Columns

It’ll help you add different colors to different columns, set columns apart from others.

Below are some examples I’ve created with the Colored Columns widget to demonstrate how effective it is. There are so many possibilities for cool colored columns you can make with this widget. Sky’s the limit.


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