FREE and New Weebly Themes

May 6, 2015

Finally, we decided to release free versions of all latest themes.

We want to make sure you’re happy with every purchase with us and we believe our free trial Weebly themes can bring you great benefits:

  • Try with multiple options to get the most suitable Weebly template for your site.
  • Have a better idea of how our template will transform your site into a new beautiful Weebly site with less effort.
  • Have more time to prepare your site with a new template before making purchase.

In April and early May, we also release two new Weebly templates so you might be interested in giving them a try:


Released in late April, FRANK is a premium Weebly template with stylish and modern designs. Beautiful, responsive and coming with plenty of layouts, FRANK is a great asset to any agencies, freelancers, photographers, artists and designers who want a professional site to showcase their work.


Beside Genesis and TheEra are pupular business Weebly themes in our gallery to date we believe Anthem will be the next popular one.

Anthem premium Weebly template gives contemporary expression to both your heritage of excellence and your innovative forward thinking with your online communication.

Robustly themed in the context of strong organizational beliefs and values, this feature-packed website template allows businesses, companies, corporates, real estates, hospitals, travel agencies, schools, universities, churches, online shops to create unique and strongly branded websites using Weebly.

They’re for now. We’re working on new great templates as well as widgets and tutorials. Keep in touch and let us know any suggestion we can help make your Weebly site even better.


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