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Requests You Can Ask Our Weebly Developer

Our Weebly developer can help you with almost anything Weebly related. From website customization to website enhancements, we can not only resolve design issues but can also offer technical consultation.

Customize gateway login

1h, $25

Customize navigation menu (color, effect, position, style)

1h30’, $40

Customize blog layout style

1h, $25

Customize social icons

1h, $25-$50

Customize product page

2h, $70

Customize mobile menu

1h, $30

Combine one page with header slider (without using apps)

1h, $25

Customize header slider

1h, $25

Customize navigation (transparent background) to overlap the header slider (not for Baamboo theme)

30’, $20

Customize button (style, effect, color, etc.)

1h, $25

Customize form

1h, $30

Customize search form/button (color, style, position)

1h, $30

Customize Weebly slider

30’, $20

Customize your current section


Prevent people from copying text from the site

30’, $20

Setup multi-language pages (2 languages, 5 pages)

2 hours, $50

Fix issue (not for Baamboo’s Themes or Apps)

$25 each

Make a floating sidebar on desktop

1h, $30

Customize old theme to use Weebly 4.0 feature

>1h, $50

Customize gallery/image effect

1h, $25-$30

Add auto close navigation when clicking a menu item (not for Baamboo theme or supported theme)

30’, $25

Add on/off option for mobile/responsive

1h, $30

Create a one-page menu like 1-pager apps

1h, $25

Create sticky call out box

45’, $25

Add donate button to navigation bar

30’, $20

Add a sidebar in blog layout style

30’, $20

Add sidebar layout

1h, $25

Create a basic slider/testimonial slider (for Customers who can’t use Weebly app)

1h, $30

Create box of content like using X App

1h, $25

Create popup (Promote, subscribe, discount code, etc)

2h, $50

Add phone number next to logo

30’, $20

Add top-bar like Infiniti

1h, $30

Create zoom effect (product page)

>4h, $150

Replicate navigation buttons at the top in the footer as well

30’, $25

Add scroll down button

30’, $20

Add read more button to testimonial

1h, $30

Create flex slider

1h, $25

Add a custom section to a special page (blog, store)

1h, $25

Add a theme option (for Weebly 4.0)

30’, $20

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What people say about our Weebly developers

Once again Baamboo came thru when I got stuck. These pros know how to code and they have a great response rate. My client asked me to add a custom header that I wasn't able to within the Weebly template and Baamboo came to the rescue.

John Scaletta, 10/3/2020

Bamboo is a great service. Knowledgeable and timely in their service. Quang was very professional and able to meet our needs and help with design issues quickly. Thank you Bamboo Studio!

The University of Science and Philosophy, 1/26/2020

Bamboo have been amazing for my website. They've made some major and minor tweaks that massively improved the user experience of my website visitors. They're also super patient with requests and don't stop until the job is done how you want it to be done.

Daniel Salcumbe, 8/25/2019

Baamboo Studio did their best to offer the excellent service in 4 hours

劉邦宇, 8/17/2019

Great service and versatility!

Alex Rodriguez, 12/23/2018

Excellent service and assistance. Thanks particularly to Duc for all his help..

Eddy Green, 1/30/2018

Baamboo Studio has helped me through fixes on my websites multiple times and every time they do a perfect job! I couldn't do it without them!

Meg Merriman Larson, 12/5/2017

I've used Bamboo Studios theme for over a year now very happy with the service I had a problem with site security when I updated and as usual they logged in a d repaired the problem great service would recommend highly

Michael Livesey, 11/17/2017

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Our pricing is simple: We start at $25/hr. However, lower rates are also available like $15/hr, when you buy a block of time that you can use any time, for anything.

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We try to keep it super simple and easy to quickly help your site.

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STEP 02 – Tweak Review
We’ll discuss your project with you personally. Our Weebly web designer or Weebly developer will discuss your needs and changes required, reach a mutual understanding of what you want to achieve, and finally, suggest several options you may want to consider.
We make sure that you remain in control and always have options to choose from. We’ll develop a list of customizations for you that will meet or exceed all of your needs, and provide you with an affordable cost estimate for the job.

STEP 03 – Get a Quote
We will give you an instant quote during the chat discussion. If you are satisfied with the quote, we’ll send you a payment request via PayPal. You’ll need to pay first to get the project started.

STEP 04 – Delivered
Our Weebly developer and designer will get the work done as fast as possible without sacrificing quality and efficiency. We’ll just chat or email you if we have any questions. We’re Weebly experts, with in-depth knowledge of the Weebly platforms, so your website is in safe hands.