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All You Need to Know

Quang Tran
25 August 2016

You can do a great job with Weebly to create a well-designed website, but you can do even better if you know how to access and use Weebly apps. These apps – developed by some top Weebly developers –can help you compete with any top website in the industry.

In this article, we will explore in detail about the Weebly Apps.

How to access them?

How to use them?

How to connect with the Weebly Apps with Weebly Website?

What are the categories to choose from?

And how these apps can help websites grow?

We will look into every answer in detail and provide our readers with a simple to follow actionable guide to work with Weebly apps – keep reading. 

Why You Need Weebly Apps?

Weebly App Center

Apps to make your site and business more powerful

There is no doubt the team behind the Weebly did a great job by providing an easy to use platform for first-time website designers. The good thing is, they are still evolving and improving the user experience with new updates. But no matter how good they do – some users always look for more – this is where Weebly apps come handy.

With more than 30 million people using Weebly to create their websites, the website building tool needs help to meet the varying needs and demands of the users. Weebly apps provide this help.

Weebly App Center was launched on October 1st, 2015. With just less than a year since its launch, some Weebly users are still confused about the new feature and how they can make use of it. This is why we are writing this article, to help you understand Weebly apps.

What Weebly Apps Can Do?

Pretty much everything that Weebly lacks. For example, what if you are looking to add an eye-catching testimonial slider section to your website? You can’t find it on Weebly built-in features, but you can on Weebly Apps.

WOW visitors with Stunning Testimonials

There are lots of new design trends that can be achieved by Weebly Apps easily but only if you know how to connect them to your Weebly website. That we will explain in next few sections.

The apps are easy to integrate with the Weebly dashboard. But the best thing is, you can have access to only quality and best-performing apps on App Center.

Weebly makes sure that all the submissions by developers go through a tough check as only quality and best performing apps are approved by Weebly. So free or paid, you get the best on App Center.

Currently, there are tons of Weebly apps available under different categories on the App Center developed by licensed developers like Baamboo Studio. You can have a look at our smart apps for Weebly on App Store.

Weebly App Center Options

As soon as you visit the homepage of Weebly App Store, you are presented with 4 options to choose from other than categories that we will discuss in the next section.

1.“Made by Weebly”

Under this option, you can find a wide range of apps developed by Weebly itself. As the apps are developed by the same team behind Weebly, you can have a peace of mind that they will work smoothly with the Weebly website.

2.“Boost Traffic”

This section includes all the apps you need to get more traffic to your website. From SEO tools to statistics apps, you can find all the help you look for to boost your website’s traffic.

3.“Spike Sales”

This is the third option and often the first to visit for online businesses and e-commerce stores.

Spike sales?

Who don’t want that? Explore apps that can help you boost sales. The apps in this section can help you run campaigns like email marketing, help you create sales channels, get customer reviews and a lot more.

4.“Get Social”

With billions of active social media users, who don’t want to get social? This is exactly what the apps in this section offers a website – to make the most out of social media.

Weebly App Store Categories

To make it easier for the users, the app store has further categorized the apps into different categories.

1. eCommerce.

This category is designed for eCommerce stores or any website that is trying to make money online. 

The category is further divided into “Start Selling”, “Shipping & Fulfillment”, and “Stats & Reporting”.

Some of the examples of apps available under this category include PayPal Button, Order Desk, StoreMetrics, etc.

If you want to add payment method, order management app, online store features and store statistics, this is where you get them all.

2. Communication

For an online business, the next most important thing after making a sale is to communicate with the customers and potential buyers. For this, you need tools like live chat option, polls, comments form, etc.

You get all these apps under this category which is further divided into “Forms & Polls”, “Live Chat”, and Translation.

Some popular apps available here include Form Builder, Comments, PureChat, etc.

3. Marketing

After sales, communication, what comes next for the online business? Probably marketing. You cannot think of a success without marketing your business to the demographic you target.

The good news is, there are tons of excellent apps available under this category that can help Weebly websites with their marketing strategy. You can explore 4 different sub-categories which include “Advertising”, “Email Marketing”, “SEO”, and Professional Services.

Some popular apps to look into include Site Booster, Privy (email list builder), Join My newsletter  and more.

4. Social

Get all the help under this category to get yourself noticed on social media platforms. Add apps like Facebook Like, Social Sharing, Reviews, Testimonials, and more to help boost your website with social media shares and user-generated content.

You can find different apps under categories like “Forums”, “Image Feeds”, “Social Buttons”, and “Review & Testimonials”.

5. Site Tools & Features

This one offers more than 80 different apps to choose from. From adding Audio/Video apps to exciting scrolling features, you can find almost everything that you may have not found under other categories.

Some popular apps include Boo SliderCall To Action, FAQ, Price Chart, Social Media Grid, etc.

Finding the best Weebly Apps on the App Center

Weebly users can find plenty of options on the App Center which is good news, but this often makes it difficult for users to choose between different options.

First, there are many free apps available for users, but some of the best performing and more complex apps cost few dollars.

Adding apps to your website and then replacing them with a new one is not only frustrating but also time-consuming. As two-third of the Weebly users are young entrepreneurs, you don’t want to waste a lot of time on things like choosing an app, do you?

This is why it is important to choose the best one out of the available options. Weebly also helps their users to get the best app for their website. All the apps are rated and reviewed by the users so people can see which one is the best performing.

Here are some rules to make sure you are choosing the best app.

1. Choose apps that are rated at least 4 out of 5.

2. Check if the developer is new or has more apps listed on the App Center. Check if the other apps are reviewed positively.

3. Read some reviews. See how the developer responds to the complaints if any. Choose the apps from the developer who is keen to solve the issues raised by users by responding to the negative reviews.

4. Don’t try a new app without rating and reviews unless it is developed by an established developer with already listed apps. If the app is what you are looking for but not reviewed or rated, check out the reviews of other apps developed by the same developer.

Do This: As mentioned above, the best way to ensure you are getting the high quality app is by looking into developer and user feedback. The best option is to sort the apps by user rating to get the best at top of the list.

I hope by following these simple steps, you can make sure that you get the right app the first time.

Connecting Weebly Apps with Weebly Website

If you have already decided to add some cool apps from Weebly App Center, the next question is how to make it happen. The good thing is – it is extremely easy and just need few seconds. All you need is few clicks and it is done.

Let’s start the step-by-step process.

1. Go to Weebly Editor > Build > Apps > App Center. It will open up App Center on Weebly Editor.

2. You can now access App Center with different categories on the homepage like “Get Social”, “Spikes Sales”, “Boost Traffic”, and “Made by Weebly”. You can also sort apps by popularity, highest rated, new and free.

3. Choose an app. Let’s take an example of BaamBoo’s popular Boo Slider app. When you are viewing thumbnails, just click on the app image to go to the app page.

4. The new page shows the app description and other details provided by the developer. The page also includes rating and reviews. At the right side of the page, there is a CTA button “Add” in blue color, click it.

5. The new pop-up message will appear on the screen. Click on “Connect” and the app will be connected to the Weebly website. The next thing you will see is the homepage of your website in Weebly editor.

6. Go to Build > Elements > Third Party to view the newly added app. You can now simply drag and drop the app anywhere on your web page.

7. Another option to view the app is to go to Build > Apps > My Apps or Go to Settings > My Apps.

Isn’t it simple?

You can also disconnect the app from “My Apps” by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting “Delete App”. Even when you delete the app, Weebly keeps the content you updated.

How can Weebly Apps Help Grow Your Website?

Weebly apps are effective, if not all, most of them are. To give you an idea about how Weebly apps can help grow your online business, we will share with you few of Baamboo Studio’s apps and what they can do for your business.

CTA Button

Often rated as one of the most important elements of the business website, CTA is a must if you want your visitors to take a specific action after they land on your homepage.

A well-designed CTA is often the only difference between a highly effective website and the one that fails to deliver satisfactory results.

Get the best CTA App out there for your Weebly Website to experience the growth you always wanted.

The Weebly app is easy to install, a simple drag-and-drop element that helps you design different CTA buttons with a range of colors, shapes, and layouts to choose from.

Add an impressive copy to our CTA button, design the best shape, fill the color that sits well with your overall color theme and find the best converting place on your website. The results will be outstanding, this we can assure you.


Excellent results are guaranteed if all the best practices that we discussed in our article about the traits of high converting CTA are implemented, so make sure to read it before you proceed.

The Testimonials

This is another must have app for Weebly websites developed by Baamboo Studio. User-generated content like customer testimonials can easily increase your convert rate as the bulk of online consumers are influenced by a favorable opinion by others.

Let your visitors read what others have to say about business, services and how your business affects their lives. Our Testimonial app not only allows users to add the testimonials easily to any web page but it also adds to the look of the website.

Make a great first impression on your visitors – Get the Testimonial App and share happy customer’s feedback with them.

With an option to design a testimonial section from different layouts and styles, you can make sure that the testimonials look great and contribute to a great user experience.

Don’t forget to read about the best testimonial practices to make sure you are doing everything right. To get more help, check out some amazing testimonial design inspirations.

The Testimonial Slider

Adding testimonials to your homepage is a good practice, but adding testimonial slider is better. Why? Because it looks good and saves valuable real estate on your homepage.

You can accommodate more testimonials and can provide more value to readers. With testimonial slider, there is absolutely no reason to use half of the page for testimonials.

weebly testimonial slider

Make the testimonials look sleek, modern and catchy, use our amazing Testimonial Slider for Weebly Websites.

Boo Slider

Boo Slider is another important element to modern website designs. It offers a dynamic look to your website and helps adjust more of the important stuff within the limited space.

Get the Boo Slider today and make your website look Modern.

Just like these, there are tons of weebly apps available for users that can help build you a great website. Simply put, for designing a great Weebly website, a basic free theme or template is not enough.

For a business website, you may have to add a lot more features than what a simple template offers. This is where Weebly app store comes in handy. Make use of it.

From performance enhancing tools to eCommerce apps, you can find all the help you seek at weebly app center. What does this mean? It means, with a little effort and little money, you can have all the features that an expensive custom website offers you.

Add shipping and tracking, live chat, forms and Polls, SEO and advertising tools, social buttons, forum, testimonials, maps, and tracking tools, everything that make your website awesome and offers a great user experience.

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