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The best part about the theme is how clearly the CSS is labelled for most customization. Anything that I couldn’t do, Bamboo support helped me do it.


Creative Director, Ludlow6

We have always received fantastic support from the guys at Baamstudio, particularly as we tend to push the boundaries of Weebly Templates.

Paul Scott


I was able to build an amazing looking site with baamboos vous theme. We often have customers tell us how cool our website is! Thanks to Quang too – he’s super smart and you can tell he has plenty of experience.


Internet Marketing Manager, Colorid

I bought the Anthem theme and installed it for a client of mine, and we both love the theme! I had a small glitch with the contact form, but support jumped right in and fixed it in a timely manner. Thank you for the awesome support and great Weebly themes that you provide!

Crystal MacLain

Wilkes-Barre Carpet Cleaning


Beautiful, Highly Legible, Contemporary

Character is a beautiful, highly legible, contemporary theme Weebly theme developed for the specialized use of restaurants, cafes, online stores, bars, clubs and pubs.

The clean, neat lines create a bright and uncluttered appearance allowing your content to shine with perfect clarity.

With unique design style and plenty of scopes to customize, Character is like no other Weebly theme you’ve seen. You’ll make a strong and lasting impression on your visitors.

Designed to work perfectly with Weebly 4, Character makes a contemporary and stylish statement which you can customize to present a bespoke professional image.

Your visitors will be suitably impressed.