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At the heart of Baamboo Studio lies beautiful design, clean looks, and aesthetic charm.

Welcome to Baamboo Studio, we are a web template designer offering Weebly templates, themes, apps, and web design services to Weebly users out of nothing but pure love for good design and innovation.

Our purpose is to help Weebly users create the best, most attractive website that will instantly capture their potential customers’ interest. In today’s digital age, design is what matters and we help your Weebly website feature the best design!

Design that comes from experience and passion.

We are extremely passionate about what we do. We all pool our resources, skills, and creativity to design the best web templates for Weebly so when you opt for our templates, you are opting for design that is the innovation and hard work of a multiple passionate designers!

Here’s a little insight into our team members:

Quang Tran Founder – Lead Designer
Quang Tran Founder
Quang Tran is a lover of contemporary design – simple, clean, and beautiful. The founder of the company, Quang is the leader that does all, from being the lead designer to working with clients, ensuring teamwork, and supervising everything. With years of experience as a designer, Quang Tran proves to be an invaluable leader for Baamboo Studio. When Quang isn’t working on new designs or helping make Baamboo Studio the best it can be, he enjoys spending time with his family, listening to progressive rock music, or watching football.
If we had to describe Tuan Doan in three words, they’d be smart, energetic and curious. This full stack developer is also well known as a Weebly guru who always looks for better ways to resolve problems. All these things and more make Tuan a unique asset for the team, one we appreciate on a daily basis!When he’s not working, Tuan Doan loves to play with his little son, who he loves more than anything else in the world.
Tuan Doan - Founder - Full Stack Developer
Tuan Doan Founder – Full Stack Developer
Luong Doan - Creative Designer
Luong Dao Creative Designer
The team’s creative designer is the ever-creative Luong. Luong loves creating things that are simultaneously attractive and functional, which is a fact that many of our clients appreciate in their templates. Luong has many skills, including specialization in most of the Adobe products, especially Photoshop and Illustrator. Luong, the creative asset to the company, is one who cannot be replaced!When not at work, Luong enjoys playing the guitar and being in open spaces that help him find inspiration.
The team’s frontend developer is Ha Doan, who is also our youngest member. A hardworking and diligent individual with exceptional analysis and problem solving abilities. He acts like the rock for our team, and covers all major frontend developing. Ha Doan has experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. But don’t let his serious attitude fool you – Ha Doan has an adventurous side that makes us a dynamic team. Apart from his work, Ha loves traveling, exploring, and discovering new things.
Ha Doan - Frontend Developer
Ha Doan Frontend Developer
Kent Tran - User Experience Design Lead
Kent Tran User Experience Design Lead
Kent Tran is yet another invaluable asset to the team here at Baamboo Studio, a member we received a little late. Kent joined us in our 4 year of operation, but immediately started bringing his talent and unique ideas to the company so it’s better late than never! Kent Tran is quick and keen, both personality traits that help us design smarter and better for our clients. Kent’s artistic side is yet another resource he brings to the team. He loves writing, drawing, and music, which is what he spends time on when he’s free.

So, that’s our team. Dynamic, fun, enthusiastic, and most importantly, passionate about what we do.

We live, breathe, and pursue the art of innovating new and fresh themes and apps for your Weebly site.

Actual Customer Reviews

And that’s just a few

BaambooStudios provides excellent themes only surpassed by their service. I had a complex CSS issue and they is resolved it quickly and professionally


We have always received fantastic support from the guys at Baamstudio, particularly as we tend to push the boundaries of Weebly Templates.

Paul Scott

Baamboo Studio’s weebly templates look great, and the after sales service is fantastic!

Steve Bristow

I found this Weebly VOUS theme that had the look I wanted. I customized it, but I needed support on some items which they took care of right away!

Meg Larson

The best part about the theme is how clearly the CSS is labelled for most customization. Anything that I couldn’t do, Bamboo support helped me do it.


Great Service. They helped me modify the theme I purchased. Template looks and works great. Thanks.


Quality of layouts and ease of making them your own is so easy and straight forward! Worth the price and you get awesome customer service!

Liz Volz

When I want a professional Weebly website with more options for customization, I always use themes from Baamboo Studio. Their support is unrivaled.

Kevin de Laplante

Vous is a great layout. I love how they’ve added little notes in the html/css back end which helped me to identify where to make my changes.


Baamboo not only has great themes but stands out where it counts, Service. They went beyond my level of expectation when I asked for help. Txs guys.


Baamboo takes your site to the next level of beauty and function. With excellent documentation and support, they make it easy for even the novice.

Debi Bodett

I bought the Anthem theme and installed it for a client of mine, and we both love the theme! I had a small glitch with the contact form, but support jumped right in and fixed it in a timely manner. Thank you for the awesome support and great Weebly themes that you provide!

Crystal McLain

Quang, thank you for your excellent support. Please feel free to share the abundance health center website to help give others ideas on how to use your themes. http://www.abundancehealth.center

Michelle Peters Spivach

Not only are their themes professional and user-friendly, Baamboo studio’s support is fantastic. Quang is very responsive to any issue that needs troubleshooting. My multiple inquiries were resolved by the next day (at the latest).


I was able to build an amazing looking site with baamboos vous theme. We often have customers tell us how cool our website is! Thanks to Quang too – he’s super smart and you can tell he has plenty of experience.


Really enjoy working your templates! I have built two websites in two weeks for clients and everyone is pleased.  Great turnaround time on your help when needed.  Thank you!

Kim H

I’ve really appreciated all the after sales support Baamboo Studio have provided me when working with the templates. Having used 3 now, I can honestly say they are easily adaptable for customising to suit ones own brand.

Christine Duchenne

As a small business unable to afford professional web developers, and who’ve tried a number of DIY site-building solutions, we are so pleased to have found Baamboo Studio’. The templates are great and, most importantly, the client service so essential to getting the most from our investment is superb!

Nick Kelvin

The Serene theme by Bamboo Studios is a great looking product at a great price. In addition, we had to submit a help ticket with a problem that we encountered, and the problem was fixed in a timely manner.


The professional theme TheEra made by Baamboo Studio has been an useful help to create a beautiful website using the Weebly platform, thanks to its additional tools available to.

Fabio Pin

Being more skilled with ceramics that with digital products we asked the help of the team Baamboo Studio to customize the website.Their help was timely and very effective. Within hours, our website had a beautiful new look!Thanks Quang.

Nicoletta Biglia

BaamBoo Studio made a huge difference in the appearance and functionality of my organizations website! Great template selection, great pricing and superior customer support.

Tom Lynch

Baamboo Studio makes web design so simple. With their premium templates, I can create a stunning, user-friendly, and competitive website with barely any cost and time to me.

Elisha Bendele

Definitely a nice range of layouts, nothing too alike and every theme has its own style. No problem installing and everything went smooth, will definitely continue to purchase themes from Baamboostudio.com You guys are awesome!

Jorge Casanova

It was very easy to import the Rajaz template to my existing 70+ page website. The new look is stylish, professional and user-friendly. I never though that a persistent sidebar was possible in Weebly. Support from Baamboo is excellent. I would highly recommend their services and templates.

Petros Chatzipantazis

I must admit I am amazed by the level of your company’s customer service, it has without doubt been astounding. Thanks so much for doing this, I will definitely be recommending your services to friends and family.

John Maniatopoulos