Baamboo Studio Free Migration

We’re excited you’re moving to use Baamboo Studio’s Weebly templates! We’ll do everything we can to make that move as seamless as possible.

You want the stunning look and power of Baamboo Studio Weebly Themes, but you’re new when it comes to custom/3rd party themes so you worry about the process of switching themes.  We’ve got guides to help you through the process, but what if it could all be done for you?

That’s where our FREE migration service is here to help!

What will we do during the migration process?


We import the theme you purchased into your Weebly account.


We apply the theme to the site you want. All of your content will remain the same. Nothing will be lost during the migration process.


We activate the license for you.

How It Work?

Step 1

Purchase a theme of your choice.

Step 2

Fill out the Migration Form below.


Invite us as your site administrator using our email [email protected] to invite.

Please follow this link to learn more about how to invite: Invite Other People to Help Edit a Site

Sit back and take a break, within 24 hours after receiving your request, we’ll complete the migration process. Enjoy the new stunning look of your site.