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Stephanie Dukes asked 9 months ago

I have purchased and installed this slider app. I like it but I am having some trouble with it. I’d love to link these images to a page on my website. Please tell me how to do this. Also, I am having trouble optimizing the image to show completely. It keeps getting cut off on mobile if I change it to work on desktop and vice versa. How do I correct this. Thanks for your help.

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Duc Nguyen Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi Stephanie,

I would like to let you know that we cannot add link directly to the background of X Slider. We can only add link to other Weebly elements (Title/Text/Button/Image…) that we put on the slide.

Regarding the image scaling issue, please submit a ticket then use the email editor@baamboostudio.com to invite us as your site administrator so that our supporter can help.

After adding my email, please click on ‘Invitation’ to open the Invitation link, copy the link from the address bar then send it to us in the ticket.

Thank you for your help!