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Johnny asked 5 months ago

Just purchased the X-Slider and has been testing it? I have added 3 slides and try to add on title and text to each of the 3 slides. However the slides keep transiting from one to another. How do you freeze the slides to amend them ? Thanks  

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Duc Nguyen Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi Johnny,

Please make sure to turn off the Autoplay option in General Settings.

If you already turned if off but the slider still runs automatically in the editor. Maybe it is because the Weebly editor window is considered as medium screen size (like on tablet devices). So when you use the mouse to select text on the slider, it will be considered as a “swipe” on a tablet, and hence the slider will move to the next slide. I suggest that you should use Ctrl + A (Windows) or Command + A (Mac) to select text.

Thank you.