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Emma Woodcock asked 2 years ago

Hi Team,
I would like to be able to have features which activate when a mouse hovers over an image. i.e. new background colour or image zooms in.
I know this is possible: https://www.webnots.com/11-image-hovering-effects-for-weebly/
and here: http://littlesnippets.net/category/snippets/

Can you please tell me how I could embed this code into the X app images?


1 Answers
Quang Tran Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Emma,

Thank you for your interest in our products.

However, the feature you mentioned is not included in X app.

You should try our FlexiBox app, which will definitely meet your need.

We wrote a documentation for it here: https://boocare.weebly.com/buttons-x.html

Thank you.