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Owen White asked 1 year ago

I’ve recently purchased the Bailey theme and I\’m wondering if the slider in this theme is different to either the X Slider or the Boo slider.  Can you tell me whether the Bailey slider uses either the X Slider app or the Boo Slider?  Or is it just a different, more limited slider implementation within the theme?  Also, could you point me to somewhere that explains the difference between the features of XSlider and the Boo Slider?  Thanks.

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Quang Tran Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Owen,

The integrated slider in the Bailey theme is just a limited implementation (as you said).

You can visit the Boo Slider page and X Slider page to learn more about the features of each app.
X Slider is more advanced than Boo Slider. It includes all functions of Boo Slider, plus many additional functions.

Thank you for your interest in Baamboo products!