Why doesn’t my design look like that of the demo theme?

QuestionsCategory: TemplatesWhy doesn’t my design look like that of the demo theme?
Gregory Pierce asked 3 years ago

I purchased the Lecia theme and installed it into Weebly, but for the life of me I cannot discern the steps necessary to make it look like the site that is displayed in the demo. What I’m looking for is a derivative of the original theme look and feel, but how do I get there?

wafa replied 2 years ago

That’s because they they have Scammed there customers to purchase there theme with no elements or designs its a build it yourself more like they just want to take ur money.

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Quang Tran Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Gregory,

The demo site is just designed to give you an idea. The theme does not replace the content of your web page, it only gives you options for designing.

However, we have a new feature for ready-made content layout for the users: https://hc.weebly.com/hc/en-us/articles/227027928-Adding-Sections-to-Your-Pages

You can also use the X App for more design options.


wafa replied 2 years ago

thats the weebly sections whats the point in purchasing your theme do you honesty think we are stupid ? I want my refund