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Anthony asked 4 years ago

I purchased your Testimonial slider for my weebly website. I can’t seem to see the option to enable for customers to enter their testimonies. Is there another app that needs to be purchased in conjunction with testimonial slider to properly work?
Thank You
Anthony Levenski Jr

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Quang Tran Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Anthony,

This app was created to serve the website’s owners, not their customers.

It helps you make your testimonials stand out. As you can see, testimonial is one of the most important elements, but sometimes it is overlooked because it is not eye-catching enough.

Using this app, you can place testimonials anywhere on your site, on any area of each page. No such apps can let you choose specific areas, pages to display testimonials. So even if the app allows your customers to submit reviews, you still need to manually add them to suitable areas on your site.

To let customers submit reviews, you can use a contact form. In our case, we are currently using Google Form: http://goo.gl/forms/r4xkqtqe6A8EHGP63