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Terry Higgins asked 3 years ago

How do I resize (larger) a client’s logo at the top of the sidebar (above nav menu panel in the Vine Theme? Every time I pull out the resize, it goes back to a smaller default size when I let go the mouse button. I get the same problem in both the “Build” and Theme>Theme Options windows.

Andrea Hamilton replied 3 years ago

I am having the same issue!

Terry Higgins replied 3 years ago

I’ve opened a ticket and support is looking into it. Hopefully they will post here when the solution is found.

2 Answers
Terry Higgins answered 3 years ago

Hi Andrea,
I found a solution – maybe not an optimum one but it seems to work okay in all responsive views…
If you go to the CSS/HTML Editor (bottom of “Build” toolbar) and click the “main.less” Style, chnage the value at line 252 from the default height of 39 to whatever you desire. I changed it to 96px (as seen in the screenshot) and later to 78 which seems to work better for my design.
Quang, if you’re reading this…  please advise if there is a better solution, or a mod that will allow the resize andle to work as anticipated.

Duc Nguyen replied 3 years ago

Hi Terry,

You did a good job.

Actually, you can delete the line 252. Because the logo size limits itself by its width (the width cannot be larger than the sidebar's width), the height will be auto-calculated to make sure the logo does not distort.

The following line of code is enough:

.wsite-logo img {
max-width: 100%;


Duc Nguyen

Terry Higgins replied 3 years ago

Thanks Duc…
I’ll change that and see if the result isasdesired.