Kathryn Eissfeldt asked 2 years ago

I got a reply to my question from Duc Nguyen, and it says I can reply if I sign in or register. But when I click on register, it says that register is not available a this time???
My follow-up questions are:

  1. Do I need to have the X theme in order to use the X app and other apps in the package you offer for $77 that are labeled “X”-something?
  2. If I purchase Leica, I will have the option to create any of the home pages listed as options, correct? Duc’s answer (see below) made me unsure of this.

Thank you,

Hi Kathryn,
The section on the homepage of X template which displays upcoming events was created using the X app. You can refer to the tutorial here.
The section on the homepage of Seranade template for three items from the blog was created using standard Weebly Image/Text elements.
The Leica template has several Home page layouts just for demo purpose. When you apply Leica to your site, your previous website content will still remain intact afterwards, which means you won’t have those Home page layouts of the demo site.
Thank you.”

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Quang Tran Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Kathryn,

  1. The X theme is separated from any other Baamboo apps. You will help to buy the apps or the apps package separately.
  2. If you purchase Leica theme, you won’t have the option to create any of the home pages listed on our demo site, because they are there just for demo purpose. The Leica theme includes 15 different page layouts that you can use to build your own page. Please take a look at 15 page layouts here.