How to reduce empty header space in Seranade theme?

QuestionsCategory: CustomizationHow to reduce empty header space in Seranade theme?
stephen szot asked 5 years ago

I’d like a way to reduce the unused vertical header space in the Seranade theme to only cover my logo & menu.  I attempted to edit the main_style.css file #header area but it unfortunately negatively impacts the placement of the mobile menu bars.
Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

stephen szot replied 5 years ago

Forgot to mention that I’m using Seranade version 2.0. Site is where you can see the default height of the Seranade header uses more space that we’d like. Attempting to reduce the #header height from 100 px to 1px results in a slightly narrower header area however when viewed from mobile the menu bars are misplaced and unusable. Thanks again for any thoughts n ideas!

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Baamboo Studio Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Stephen,

Follow these simple steps:
– Access to the main_style.css file, #block-header area.

– Look for the default setting of the #block-header “padding: 80px 80px;”.

– Replace the property by “padding: 0 !important;“.

I hope that helps.

stephen szot answered 5 years ago

Quang you rock!  Thank you very much for the top notch service in providing a thin header update!  Baamboo Studio is my #1 template site for Weebly development!