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Bruce asked 4 years ago

Our company builds sites for customers and uses the Weebly Designer Platform.  This is their “White Label” platform that allows us to have everything branded with our company logo, etc. and removes all traces of Weebly branding. Unfortunately, the Designer Platform does NOT have access to Weebly’s app center.  So unlike standard Weebly users, we can’t add any apps to our drag and drop editor… not even the free Weebly apps.  So my question is how will we be able to add and use your widgets and/or templates? We CAN customize templates. We do have a html/css editor and can also drag and drop “embed code” found in the “Build” tab. Since we’re build sites for others, can we use the same templates or widgets in multiple customer sites? If not, do you have a developer program that does allow us to do that?

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Quang Tran Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Bruce,

I’m sorry but you cannot use Baamboo apps, or other apps in Weebly App center, for Designer Platform.

Currently we don’t have a developer plan for our themes. All of our products can be used on single website for one license. If you plan to use that product again on another website or project, you will need to purchase again.