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Duc Nguyen Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi John,
Please submit a ticket then use the email to invite me as your site administrator so that I can help.
After adding my email, please click on ‘Invitation’ to open the Invitation link, copy the link then send it to me directly.
Thanks for your help with this!

John Moore answered 2 years ago

Thank you for your reply…. I”m trying to follow your instructions on my 3 questions, however when I try to submit a ticket, it requires that I input the Link to my site. I don’t have that, because my site is still under construction and is not published. I already have an operating business website on WIX that I’m replacing with the new Weebly site once it is completed. If have misunderstood any of this, please clarify so that i may comply with your directions, and receive assistance. Thank you.