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Debbie N. asked 2 years ago

We are having an issue setting up the monarch theme to our developer account. We wanted to have the same look as the demo – as closer as possible but we want to know if you used some kind of app to make everything worked? Please advice the apps used if there’s any.

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Quang Tran Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Debbie,
The reason why your website does not resemble or look like our demo website is that our theme does not come with website content (it only comes with design).
Weebly does not allow newly uploaded templates to replace any existing content in a Weebly user’s website. The reason is that if you had a previous website that’s populated with your own custom content, and want to change your design template, it would be disastrous if the new template deletes or overwrites all your previous content.
Therefore, when you upload a new template, your previous website content will still remain intact afterwards.
Regarding your question, we used the following apps to create the demo site of Monarch:
Baamboo apps:
Weebly apps:
Color Block
Content Color Box
Logo Maker
Call-Out Box

If you don’t want to build pages yourself, our services team can help.
Please send your request here:
Thank you.