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Chris asked 4 years ago

So I followed the directions to making the text bounce in from the right as in the video.
I add in the X App into my page and set the parameters etc and then from the Weebly build template I add the text icon into the X app on the page. Then I type in the text and save and hit done. Then publish and the text sort of flashes in to view for a second and then bounces in. How do you make it so that there is no second txst flash-in and just have the text bounce in like in your video?

1 Answers
Quang Tran Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Chris,
Please submit a ticket then use the email to invite me as your site administrator so that I can take a closer look at the issue.
After adding my email, please click on Invitation to open the Invitation link, copy the link then send it to me directly via the email [email protected]
Thanks for your help with this!