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QuestionsCategory: Templates
Will these theme work on Bluehost's version of weebly
AnsweredAndrew Kramer asked 2 months ago • 
62 views1 answers0 votes
Why is the recently purchased theme not being imported to Weebly?
ResolvedAlicia Hutchens asked 11 months ago • 
383 views1 answers0 votes
When Weebly updates the themes, do the previously used themes get outdated?
ResolvedEd asked 7 months ago • 
149 views1 answers0 votes
How to create custom section names on two different pages, in X theme?
ResolvedCody asked 8 months ago • 
270 views1 answers0 votes
Why doesn’t my design look like that of the demo theme?
ResolvedGregory Pierce asked 8 months ago • 
275 views1 answers0 votes
How should the header be placed?
ResolvedJennifer Hopkins asked 7 months ago • 
170 views1 answers0 votes
Can the video header be added in the Caviar theme?
Resolvedamy asked 8 months ago • 
210 views1 answers0 votes
What are the features of the Vous theme?
ResolvedGeorge Metallinos asked 6 months ago • 
220 views1 answers0 votes
How to configure the lightbox options in the X template?
ResolvedBlake Dawson asked 6 months ago • 
241 views1 answers0 votes
How to create sub-menus on a website?
ResolvedRebecca Hawkins asked 6 months ago • 
161 views1 answers0 votes
Is the header slider feature included in the Character template?
AnsweredMara asked 5 months ago • 
149 views1 answers0 votes
How to position or edit images inside X App layout?
Answeredduncan asked 4 months ago • 
86 views1 answers0 votes
AnsweredMelvin asked 3 months ago • 
51 views1 answers0 votes
Nivo & Flex sliders
AnsweredLiz Volz asked 3 months ago • 
64 views1 answers0 votes