Do the Weebly templates overwrite the existing content of the user’s website?

QuestionsCategory: TemplatesDo the Weebly templates overwrite the existing content of the user’s website?
Alexander Price asked 5 years ago

I recently purchase Infiniti template and imported it to my website.

However, the images are not the Infiniti’s images, the pages are not the Infiniti’s pages (they are the same as the original Weebly theme – Home, Shop, About, Updates, Contact).

I know I can change/add text boxes, pages, etc, but I expected to start off with the site looking exactly the same as the Infiniti theme. Can you please help?

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Quang Tran Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Alexandre,

The reason why your website does not resemble or look like our Demo website is that our design do not come with website content (it only comes with design).

Weebly does not allow newly uploaded templates to over-write any existing content in a Weebly user’s website. The reason is that if you had a previous website that’s populated with your own custom content, and want to change your design template, it would be disastrous if the new template deletes or overwrites all your previous content.

Therefore, when you upload a new template, your previous website content will still remain intact afterwards. That means if you are starting a new website with Weebly, your website content will be blank, only the design will change.

You can build pages by yourself and Baamboo will provide support for any problem you met with the theme.


wafa replied 3 years ago