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Client-Winning Weebly Website – Part 3: Create a Services Page That Gets High-Quality Leads

by | Sep 8, 2021

Although each webpage holds its significance, the service page is as important as the homepage.
​​While making your service page, always keep in mind that the customer may be new to your website and may even be feeling lost there. So the primary purpose of this page is to provide them with complete specifications of the services you provide to handle confidence enough that you and your services are the right fit:​​

  • The full description of the type of services you offer.
  • ​​The time required availing the service.
  • ​​The times can avail the service
  • ​​What happens after they contact you
  • ​​How you’re going to deliver that service (i.e., your process)
  • ​​Why they can be sure you’ll do an excellent job by including social proof (case studies, testimonials, etc.)
  • ​​What happens if they aren’t happy with the outcome

How to Properly Design a Services Page

To make a potential customer stay, you need to make an impression. The service page must be clean, descriptive yet easy to understand, and designed like a pro!

The following key points will help you in designing a properly service page:

Clean and easy to interpret design and structure:
​​Your design should be clean and very friendly. It must not be cluttered and designed in an organized manner to give the customers what they need right in front of them.

Tell them precisely what you do:
​​It would help if you told the audience a general overview first about what you exactly do. Tell the audience the details about all your services along with the key benefit they provide. But always think from their perspective – what their needs and wants could be related to your business. Describe them and how you can help fulfill them.

​Keep the emphasis on the benefits for the customers:
​​Address your audience! Provide them the benefit instead of going on and on about the features of your services.

  • ​​How it will help them save time, money, and energy.
  • ​​How your service is better than the competitors.

​Include supporting benefits:
​​Include all extra benefits your company provides to the customers. Do not just put up a list of details on the technicalities and other features, but provide solutions. People do not need a good service; they need a reasonable resolution of their problems along with something of value.

Be a good salesperson!
​​Since the customers are not coming in direct contact with any human element when they look up your web page, you need to act as your salesperson. You need to adopt a friendly, conversational tone throughout the text of your page, just like a real sales agent. Give them reasons to choose you and be there to support them till they make the buying decision.

​​Insist, but don’t push it:
​​An effective service page has a certain level of urgency in the details. It makes the customer want to make the purchase ASAP! You want the customer to feel comfortable and to stay with you.
​​To push them to make the purchase decision fast, you can give promotions or offers such as:
​​For salons: One haircut is free if you come with a friend.
​​Monthly offers like discounts, or promotional offers for the existing customers like ‘Customer of the month”, etc. are good practices.

​Be unique:
​​Tell them what makes you stand out from the crowd. Is it your support? Your service quality? Your rates? It can be anything, but you have to communicate if you want the incoming traffic to convert to actual sales.

7 Key Elements of a Killer Service Page

Your audience needs to know the type of service they can expect from you. You need to be proficient when penning down your service description, as it plays a crucial role in explaining what the service means to you. Usually, a phrase that sounds more natural is a better choice. Using the exact words as your target audience is the key to persuasive copy that resonates.
​​Let people know how good it is and what they are missing by not availing of your service.

1. Strong Headlines.

These are very important! The title must describe what the service is about and include Keywords. It must be visible to make the customer at ease that he is on the services page and not lost. Subheadings also help the visitor in quickly finding what he needs.
​​At times using fancy terminologies and jargon might seem significant, but they may not yield good results on search engines. So make your service name easy to be looked upon on the internet.

Weebly Dashboard
Weebly Dashboard

2. Your Value Proposition

This is the main element that directly impacts the customers’ buying decisions. Here you need to explain what exactly makes you different and stand out from the crowd. Think from their mind and clearly state the benefit before they even think of turning away from your page.

​The value proposition can be in terms of:

  • Cost savings.
  • ​​Efficiency.
  • Higher quality.
  • ​​Problem resolution.
  • ​​Safety and peace of mind.
  • ​​Being the pioneer of the market leader.
Weebly Dashboard
Weebly Dashboard

3. Graphics and Videos

Nothing helps more to get your point across than a video or image. Tables, graphic content, files, and other charts help put the information in an organized form and avoid clutter. You can add colors, larger font sizes, or use other style elements to make your point more noticeable for the audience.

Weebly Dashboard

With service, images of customers enjoying the service or the team also send out positive vibes to the potential customers.

​​A video does a lot more for your audience. It provides a more exciting alternative to the visitors from going through all the text, which may bore them away from your page. It gives better details than the text about the service you provide in fewer seconds and more significant influence than words.

Weebly Dashboard
Weebly Dashboard

4. Demos/Examples

Once the visitor makes up his mind to try your service, he may require a demonstration first. Demos/Examples help the users in understanding the service completely.\\

Weebly Dashboard
Weebly Dashboard
Weebly Dashboard

5. Reviews and Testimonials

When it comes to availing of a service, experience counts. What your prospects do care about is what real people like them who have worked with you say about your offers.
​​So, make sure you use social proof meaningful to your prospects (and not only to your ego).

Weebly Dashboard

Good news for Weebly users, now you can use the Testimonials app at Baamboo Studio or the Testimonial Slider App to insert the testimonials in the most beautiful and creative ways.

​​Insert top testimonials on your service page to help the new customers relate with the past experiences of others.
​​To know more about how to use the testimonial for your Weebly website, please refer to our post on Baamboo Studio blog on the best testimonials practices.

6. Call to Action (CTA)

As the name suggests, the call to action is a term directing the customer to take action. The CTA should be bold and visible but not too pressing for the customer.
​​The CTA has to be clear at all costs, remove the visual noise around your primary CTA. If the customer does not know what to do or where to go further, the chances are high that you will lose him.

Weebly Dashboard

Baamboo Studio provides a great CTA App for Weebly users. It also enables you to choose from various types of CTA buttons for your website.

Weebly Dashboard

7. Contact Details

If someone is heavily impressed by you, they’ll find a way to contact you. But what if they’re still on the fence? Or have multiple tabs open and are comparing you to your competitors?
​​Then a contact form that’s difficult to spot or use can cost you a valuable inquiry.
​​Keeping your contact details on the service page makes it easier for the customer to find you and helps in converting leads to sales.

Weebly Dashboard
Weebly Dashboard

The End

So, now you know that the most successful service page converts the incoming traffic into sales and ultimately profits the company. It would be best if you kept in mind the most important thing here is the benefit you offer to the customers and your USP.
​​Keeping in mind the above points, you can now design your killer service page right away!

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