Hi! I’ve had some great success using one of your templates and wanted to share! Would love to be a featured site if you’re interested. About to browse for another template for a new property management business. Thanks much in advance.

I received that testimonial a month ago.

It’s short but … sweet and really makes all of our team feel full of inspiration to build more awesome themes and widgets for the community.

I guess you also have some or a lot of testimonials, and probably have the same feeling as we do.


Testimonials have more meaning and power than just give you a fresh perspective.

It’s a powerful and effective marketing tool you can get for no cost.

Adding testimonials to your Weebly sites can help you generate more business and revenue.


Weebly testimonials can help you build trust and credibility on your visitors.


the BLOCK QUOTE element on Weebly which is normally used for testimonials works not so well. Mostly because its design can’t make it stand out from other elements, while it should be.

Today, we give you not only one but 5 more design options for you to display your Weebly testimonials. Of course, they’re free as usual.

Free Weebly Widget Testimonials 1Free Weebly Widget Testimonials 2Free Weebly Widget Testimonials 3Free Weebly Widget Testimonials 4Free Weebly Widget Testimonials 5

Just collect them.

Click to download Testimonials widget

Where you should place testimonial element?

Some of the most suitable places to place your testimonial:

  • Homepage
  • Landing pages
  • Service pages
  • Product pages
  • Request quote/demo/consultant pages

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