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Boo Wallet Is For Multiple Website Owners, Weebly designers, Or Agencies Who Need Premium Weebly Themes At Low Pricing.

Highest Discount Rate – 50% OFF

Redeem Any Weebly Premium Themes You Want

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How to use Boo Wallet?

Step 1: Login and Make Deposit

Step 2: Pick the themes that you want in our Weebly themes store.

Step 3: Simply check-out and Choose Select Payment Method as Boo Wallet

What Our Customers Say

John Scaletta

Baam! I love it…the themes from Baamboo are exactly what I was looking for and they work seamlessly with Weebly. I had a few things to figure out, but customer support put me on the right track each time. In addition, I complimented the site with a few Apps from Baamboo which put the frosting on the cake. You can view our project at MotionSourceCreative – Cheers, John

Alicia Hutchens

I have used Baamboo themes for about 10 websites built with Weebly over the past 2 years. I love them. They are super affordable, sophisticated, professional, and easy to customize. Baamboo themes provide many more options and “bells and whistles” than the templates provided by Weebly. I also give 5 stars to the Baamboo support team — customer support is fantastic. Whenever I have a question or a minor issue, they respond with a solution within 24 hours. The final websites look awesome and makes for happy clients. Thanks for all your work and support!

James Brecknell

I’ve worked with Weebly for a long time. Premium Weebly themes of very high quality seem to come from only two or three different companies, and in my opinion, this one is the best. The design elements are stylish, the page layouts diverse, the theme options that require no coding are generous, and the CSS is well annotated, too. Solutions from support are also very prompt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Boo Wallet right for me?

Boo Wallet is made for anyone who want to use more than one Weebly themes on multiple Weebly Websites or Projects. Especially if your are multiple websites owner or a Weebly website designer. Boo Wallet helps you minimize your variable cost by offer a 50% discount on any theme you buy.

Can I redeem any product I want with my wallet?

Please note that Boo Wallet can only be used to purchase our Weebly template. You cannot use Boo Wallet to purchase apps, design service or any optional package which goes with a template.

You can redeem any of our themes with the 50% discount, except when combining it with any other discount coupon, bundled deals.

Is there an expiry date?

No, there is no expiration date for your money in Boo Wallet.

What if I don’t have enough money in my wallet to redeem a theme? What do I do?

You can make another deposit to your wallet anytime, then you can redeem more themes.